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Freeman's Mind - Episode 57 :D!

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Hola mi querida gentecilla! :D, primero que nada quiero disculparme, tal vez me crean algo irresponsable, pero la demora de este mes se debió totalmente a que estoy en época de exámanes finales y he pasado todo el mes de mayo tratando de no reprobar (y hasta ahora lo he conseguido hehe).


Por favor no se desesperen, que no importa lo que pase, seguiré haciendo sus subtítulos :)




Hi guys, I'm back :), first of all, I'm very sorry for my delay, but there were some things that needed to be done first and now I'm almost free :D!


I know Danielsangeo already uploaded an Spanish translation for the Episode 57, but there are some mistakes... I'm not perfect, and I know Spanish is not his first language so it's understandable, also I came up very late and the subtitles were most needed long ago, so I want to apologize for that :I.


Anyways, I made my own translation too! It's not an edited copy of Daniel's translation (obviously they are a spanish translated version of his subtitles, but what I mean is that I translated them in a different way, with another words.

Maybe some words or phrases looks similar but that is because there are some words that can only be interpreted in one way and we could have used that same way.


Finally I want to thank you guys for using my translations :3, I was very excited when I saw my name on the video ^^. And please forgive me if I still making some spelling errors when writing this messages hehe. I'll attach the subtitles file on this post, and see you next time! :D


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