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Star Trek Online DPS parser install guide

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For anyone interested in monitoring their DPS, heals, or even their crit rate and accuracy, this thread will give you a walkthrough for installing and running a parsing program for Star Trek Online.


Things you'll need:

- Star Trek Online

- About 15 minutes

- The parsing program (get it here: http://advancedcombattracker.com/download.php)

- The plugin for ACT to make it work with STO (http://ifes.us/STOACTPlugin/setup.exe)


The process:


First, download and install ACT. Very straight forward. If you have trouble with this, you probly don't need to be using this program.


Next download and run the plugin setup program.

- If the only button available to click is "Close Advanced Combat Tracker", click it. It just means you already have ACT running

- Click "Install/Update Plugin"

- Click "Done"


Next, download my settings file here: https://mega.co.nz/#!7wlhyIIa!eyNW2HaYzWZdFmxxHVlh2RMAFVix5ao3A9pjPtTSnvY


Next, import my settings file into ACT.

- Run ACT.

- Once it has completed loading, open the "Options" tab

- The third option in that tab should be "Configuration Import/Export", open it

- Click the "Import" button

- Locate the "ACT Settings STO.xml" file, and select it for import

- If it reports errors and asks you if you want to open the error log, click "No"


Minimize ACT.


Start up Star Trek Online, and log in.

- Once logged in, type into the chatbox "/combatlog 1"

- Do something that either causes you damage, or someone else damage (a good way to do this in Earth Spacedock is to climb one of the support struts, and jump off)


Minimize Star Trek Online, (DO NOT CLOSE IT) and restore ACT.


At the top of the "Options" tab, it should have an option of "Miscellaneous", click it

- There will be a button called "Open Log" click it

- If you are using Steam, the default location is "\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient"

- If you are using Arc, the default location is "\Perfect World Entertainment\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient"

- The file name is "Combatlog.log"


Finally, in the "Options" tab, there is a subsection called "Output Display" and under that is "Mini Parse Window"

- Open it, and customize to your heart's content, the text color/font/size/opacity are all customizable

- If you want to resize or move the mini-parse window you must uncheck the box for "Allow mouse clicks to pass through." Resize and repositioning is the same as a normal window.

- Check the "Allow mouse clicks to pass through." when you have finished adjusting


Once you have done all this, you should be able to merely open ACT, start STO, and type "/combatlog 1" into the chatbox to start your DPS counter.


Make sure to run Star Trek Online in "Windowed" or "Windowed Maximized" mode, or the mini-parse window will not be visible. If you are running it in windowed, and the mini-parse is not visible, simply Alt-Tab to the min-parse window, and then return to STO. (selecting the regular ACT window will not always work for restoring the mini-parse window)


Any issues, comments or questions, please feel free to ask here.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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