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Civil Protection's Future

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So I was sat, thinking about the legacy of videos that Ross has made in the Half-Life universe. And it made me miss Civil Protection deeply. CP is the great tale of two 'buddy' cops who have to make it through their shifts all the while dealing with how the force is handled and dealing with each other. But I always felt like something was missing from the series. There wasn't really much of an external conflict that Mike and Dave had to deal with. The closest we ever came to that was the houndeye who blasted the two and the coworkers that stole Mike's lunch. And this is why I think there is a monumental opportunity to create the ultimate plot line as Ross is currently in between series.


Ross said that he wasn't necessarily going to be making Freeman's Mind in the near future. But he could hypothetically, continue Freeman's Mind with out actually making any more FM. He could continue the story through Dave and Mike and have them be put in situations because of Freeman's actions. Maybe even have them go awol in a quest for revenge after Freeman wronged them somehow like cancelling some talent show that they'd been practicing for or something I don't know. That seems like something Mike would do and Dave would probably go along with it. Dave and Mike have been in some pretty dire situations already (namely the Tunnel, being beaten to a pulp by fast zombies as well as serious impact injuries from trains, cars and houndeyes) and they have even survived some of them. So it would make a little bit of sense that they'd be able to follow Freeman and never actually find him, always being a couple steps behind him.


It think that it would be interesting to hear these wayward metro cops take on what Gordon goes through in the Half-life 2 campaign. Though perhaps that doesn't lend itself to the CP format. There would be a lot of skirting around danger, avoiding rebel soldiers, maybe even some alternate routes that allow them to get ahead of Freeman only to be tied up in some event that allows him to get past.


I think this idea has some merit. But this series would be a huge amount of work for Ross, I would imagine. I remember Ross's gripes about SDK in many of his blog posts, so this is likely an idea that will never see fruition. Not to discredit him, of course. I'm just saying that seems like it would be a huge project.

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