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Ross's interviews list

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Sorry if there is a similar list in here somewhere already, but I havent found it so here goes

I scoured each and every post on this website and I present to you a list of Ross's interviews and podcasts he has been a part of. Turns out there's quite a lot of them:


20.7. 2009 - Podcast 17 episode - http://www.podcast17.com/episodes/40/

18.8. 2010 - Moonhawk Studios Presents interview - http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-45815/TS-349299.mp3

6.8. 2010 - PC Gamer interview - http://www.pcgamer.com/community-heroes-ross-scott-of-freemans-mind/

17.2. 2011 - Storymode Interview -

May '11 - interview with Caboos15


28.5. 2011 - Meeting of minds


summer 2012 - Musings on the Mediums - http://www.hulkshare.com/mazzjammin22/ross-scott

24.8. 2013 - College Radio Interview - http://bwmtech.com/mtimans/82213.mp3

21.4. 2014 - The Mute Button - http://dinkztastudios.podomatic.com/entry/2014-04-18T08_52_43-07_00

24.6. 2014 - 8 Bit Life - http://cosmicradio.tv/8bitlife/ross-scotts-mind-w-ross-scott/

24.10. 2014 - 8-bit life Halloween Podcast - http://cosmicradio.tv/8bitlife/halloween-spooktacular-ross-scott-mario-martinez/



05/2013 - They Hunger running Sven Co-op playtrough

07/2013 - Lewis Schofield - geekedmind.com/2013/07/ross-scott-interview-and-source-sdk-2013-broke-my-install/



Im thinking about downloading all those that work, converting them to mp3 and sharing them here, so they are preserved and easily downloadable. Would anyone be interested?


EDIT: added the interview AP_Pastor mentioned.

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Some of the interviews are also released in mp3 format (Meeting of the Minds up to the recent 8-bit Life interview) and there's one interview you didn't add on the list: His interview with Caboos15 back in May '11. here's the link:


Further than that, you did a fine job compiling his interviews. Keep it up!

Welp, now what?

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