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Team Fortress 2 Classic

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Theres a new mod in town, and its abbreviations are TF2C.


Basically a mix of TF2 with the classic (Scout nail gun, shotgun medic) and some new gamemodes, like 4 teams and VIP.


Its currently down due to the exploit and their master server screwed up, but soon enough, it will be back on.


I really like this mod because in my opinion, this is sort of what TF2 should've been and stayed. There are some crazy stuff like rocket jumping, but you can always imagine that in real life. I don't think BONUS DUCKS and hats are really what made TF2, it was always the gameplay, which this mod tries to specialise in.


Here is their website: http://tf2classic.com/


And Facepunch: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1483571

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Any way to download, without using their server download. I really want to try this out sometime.

American Professional Skateboarder

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