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Hello, everyone!


Some of you may know me as that crazy guy that makes subtitles for Ross's Accursed Farms videos. What most of you probably do NOT know is... well, I'll get to that.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?start=174&v=BMSCAlv4ZsU Ross famously said in early 2015. Ross is so full up with so many different responsibilities that some administrative tasks need to be done. This kind of thing is not a push-this-button-and-the-movie-is-made. So, there are some administrative things that have to happen.


I have been in conversations with Ross for the better part of 2015 over this since the announcements video over the movie and I've kept it secret because I wanted to keep things on the Q.T. as much as possible, but I've gotten permission from Ross so here goes:


I am the Project Manager for Ross's Movie.


What does that mean? Well, I am the official liaison and whip-cracker for the movie. I will be helping to facilitate communication between all the working parts and provide a summary of what's going on to Ross so he can concentrate on the things he needs to concentrate on. I will also ensure that people that have come on to the project aren't slacking (hence, the "whip-cracker" part).


If you want to help out on the project, I'm the guy you have to talk to. You will be submitting samples of your work so that we can see if you're a good fit for the team and where we can put you.


Right now, we're looking for two big things, as Ross mentions in his first video chat:


  • 1. We're looking for a person who can create a character rig that will work for many different human character types, from obese characters to frail characters to muscle-bound characters to children characters. We're hoping for a character rig that will work for that. This might create a somewhat cookie-cutter approach to the appearance of the characters, but it's better to have a rig that works for all character types than a hundred different rigs, especially if a character is only seen for three seconds, never to be seen again
    2. We're looking for the same thing for facial animation. Whether the character is quite jowly or not, we're hoping for something that can work for all characters so that we can apply something from character to character without too much pain.


Ross has announced that the assets we're going to be using will come largely from the Witcher games (Witchers 1 and/or 2, specifically). So, for any character rigs that will be created, keep in mind the style Witcher provides.


As for other aspects such as background music, voice acting, and so forth, we're still not ready for you yet. If you'd like to submit samples for this, by all means do so, but we won't make a decision for you until we're ready for that.


There have been people that have already submitted samples to me, and for that, I truly appreciate it. Ross has sent you to me, but I'm deciding to take on a more direct approach. We haven't forgotten about you, either. You will be contacted when we're ready for you.


If you want to help out on the movie, please contact me:

[email protected]

(Please only use this address for discussions on the movie.)


On behalf of Ross Scott, thank you for everything you provide. I look forward to hearing from you!


--Dan 8-)

Project Manager

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Congratz on the 'promotion' Dan! :P From Subtitle Writer to a sudden Project Manager. Neat!

I would love to help, would love to make a character rig - if I could! XD My knowledge of graphics and animation doesn't go that far unfortunately. Hopefully you can find some help with that though! :D

"Ross, this is nothing. WHAT YOU NEED to be playing is S***flinger 5000." - Ross Scott talking about himself.


PM me if you have any questions or concerns! :D

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hey sorry if this seems like a copy paste message... it is but its not spam its just i can be fucked writing it out 4 times(1s here 1s to ross and 2 times to youtube)


Iv been watching rosses stuff for years and just watched most of the announcement video (finish it later when I'm free) and id just like to let you know that I am a 3d animator from nz who has earned a lvl 7 diploma in applied animation which took 3 years if you are interested in possibly hiring me to help on your movie let me know. if you'd like to see any of the work i have done you can look at the videos on my facebook though you may need to add me 1st. if you don't use face book or prefer not adding a stranger contact me some how and ill show you them through another website. i would like to add that my specialty is animation but i still have talent in modeling, UV mapping, texturing, shading compositing, sound, premier pro and lighting, but you will still need a rigger and enough money too cover licencing of maya for both myself and the rigger so that you have legal rights over your models, animations and scenes. other wise you do not legally own them

ps i know a few riggers if your interested.


my FB page you can find my animations here

https://www.facebook.com/jimichrist <--(i was a dumb teenager now i cant change the url)


i also have a secondary page for a ALIEN VS PREDATOR fan film i was working on. most of the things on this page just show off modeling lighting shading and texturing though considering i never got a rigger to rig my models

https://www.facebook.com/groups/AVP.CRASH/ <---(the film was re titled i just cant change the url)


as i said before you may need to add me 1st. if you dont use face book or prefer not adding a stranger contact me some how and ill show you them through another website.

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Hey Ross & Dan,


Like the previous guy here in the topic I'm just curious about how hard it really is to get in touch with you when it comes to someone willing to help you out with the movie. By the end of last year I sent an email to Ross about how I maybe could contribute with assets and just a few days ago another mail just to check if my first one got all the way through. No answer so far. Unlike the offer above my help is free. I'm asking you because I want to help, not because I'm short on money.


I know Ross is already soaked in mails, work and so on, but just a friendly question wouldn't hurt, I guess? :)


You can PM me if you want the specific mail address that I was using when trying to contact [email protected] with twice. Maybe it's just me not getting a hint..?.


Nevertheless, all the best to you!


Kind regards,



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Hello, everyone!


Are you a big fan of the "Witcher" games? Have you dumped many hours into the life and times of Geralt of Rivia? Would you like to help with "The Movie!"?


Email me at [email protected] ! I'd love to talk with you about it.


Thanks! :)

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Hello all!


As mentioned before by Ross, we're looking for people that can rig 3D characters (such as FBX models) for facial animations. We're hoping that the facial animations can be done automatically through the use of a webcam or other kind of camera. I did some investigation myself and Mixamo, a software package, has something called "Face Plus" which alleges that you can do that kind of thing, but it's all Greek to me.


If you have experience in this kind of thing, email me at [email protected] and let's chat.


Thanks so much!

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