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some important tips for new PlanetSide 2 players

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hello everyone,

following Ross latest video chat saying that next time he might be doing it while playing planetside 2 i feel like it is a good idea to give u noobs some advice that always helps the new guys i see joining the game

about myself below


what is planetside 2?

it is a massive first person combined arms sandbox where there are 4 huge maps(continents) each holding hundreds of players divided to three factions competing on capturing territory.

it is complete chaos a true battlefield and a true sight to see in my opinion.

all generated by other players with no bots

planetside can be a first person shooter, it can be a flight simulator a tank driving simulator or in some very cool cases a true RTS with real people as your units to command.

it is all free, and not pay to win


now the tips:


1. first thing u need to know when starting the game is that, the game learning curve is very steep, u will die a lot at the start, that is ok, it was like that for everyone else playing for the first few times.


2. there are tons of very useful guides online that can help u understand the game easier

the number one source of planetside is in my opinion wrel's channel

start with this video



3. another very useful video was made by angryjoe


this video is quite long but it give a lot of information i find new players lacking like


4. dont shoot at tanks with your gun


5. join a platoon or a squad.

if u accidentally join an inactive one, leave it and join a different one


6. flying an aircraft is super hard at first, the key is in slowly understanding where not to go.


7. the game is not pay to win all the weapons u can buy are 'sidegrads'


8. dont waste your experience gained to buy new guns, the ones u start with are mostly the best.

instead, get new ability like better healing ability, explosives, or vehicle gear.


9. use the map, take your time to understand how it works


10. if u find yourself in the middle of nowhere 'redeploy' look for the key on the settings


11. the community is mostly very kind (not everyone of course),

type in chat "/y hello" to talk to everyone in the region (including enemies)

type in chat "re hello" to say hello to everyone in the region (friendly only)

ask for help, and in many cases people will offer advice


more tips will be added to this list as when i have the time to edit this post



about myself: i have been playing this game since launch for more then 2 years, but am inactive for about 3 mouths now, i used to play all the time and run full scale platoon for both an outfit(guild) of my own and a different one i was a part of.

i was not super famous but had cases where people heard of me before introducing myself to them.

i have a youtube channel where i dumped some raw footage of me playing and some platoon lead



for me this game shines like no other i have ever played as it gives an experience no other can give, the scale and the sense of achievement when competing against so many real players and no bots is something i cant really describe.

i truly love this game and its concept as i find nothing else like it out there


please ask anything u like here, and i will answer everything when i get the chance and edit this post farther as i remember more useful advice


good luck


hopefully i can make the time to join the ross army when and if the event happens

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