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Half-Life 1 Era Timeline

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Lookie what I made over the last several months.


Half-Life:HL Gordon Freeman 20 Chapters

Blue Shift:BS Barney Calhoun 9 Chapters

Decay:DC Gina Cross & Colette Green R-4913 & X-8973 10 Chapters

Opposing Force:OF Adrian Shephard 14 Chapters


1.Boot Camp OF

-Complete the Advanced Training Exercise

2.Hazard Course BS

-Complete the Course

3.Hazard Course HL

-Complete the Course

4.Living Quarters Outbound BS -Part 1 Start

-Start your workday at the Area 3 Medium Security Facilities

5.Black Mesa Inbound HL

-Start your workday at the Sector C Test Labs and Control Facilities

6.Anomalous Materials HL Xen


-Get your HEV Suit and go to the Anti-Mass Spectrometer

7.Insecurity BS Xen


-Get your equipment and go to a malfunctioning Sector G elevator

8.Dual Access DC Xen

-9 Headcrabs,6 Zombie Scientests,9 Houndeyes -24

-Help Freeman on his workday and find Doctors Keller and Rosenberg

9.Hazardous Course DC Xen,Black Mesa

-14 Headcrabs,6 Zombie Scientests,8 Vortigaunts -28

-6 Ceiling Turrets -34

-Escort Dr.Rosenberg to the surface

10.Surface Call DC Xen

-10 Headcrabs,27 Vortigaunts -37

-Help Dr.Rosenberg make contact with the millitary

11.Unforeseen Consequences HL Xen

-40 Headcrabs,9 Zombie Scientests,5 Houndeyes,1 Vortigaunt,2 Bullsquids,7 Barnacles -64

-Get to the surface and find help

12.Office Complex HL Xen,Black Mesa

-52 Headcrabs,9 Zombie Scientests,14 Vortigaunts,3 Bullsquids,9 Barnacles -87

-2 Ceiling Turrets -89

-Get to the surface to join up with the millitary

13.Resonance DC Xen,HECU -Part 1 End

-12 Headcrabs,4 Zombie Scientests,20 Vortigaunts,16 Grunts,22 Controllers -74


-Activate the dampening fields to halt the Resonance Cascade

14.Incoming OF Xen -Part 2 Start

-3 Vortigaunts,1 Grunt,Manta Ray -4

-Get to the Landing Zone

15.Duty Calls BS Xen,HECU

-5 Headcrabs,4 Zombie Scientests,8 Houndeyes,16 Vortigaunts,4 Bullsquids,5 Barnacles -42

-2 Grunts -44

-Traverse Sector G's sewers and find help

16."We've Got Hostiles" HL Xen,HECU

-11 Headcrabs,1 Zombie Scientest,5 Vortigaunts,11 Barnacles -28

-10 Sentry Turrets,24 Grunts,Osprey -34 -62

-Fight off the HECU millitary and find the Sector F Lambda Complex

17.Domestic Violence DC Xen,HECU

-11 Headcrabs,4 Zombie Scientests,19 Vortigaunts,2 Leeches,5 Snarks -41

-5 Sentry Turrets,22 Grunts -27 -69

-Find a Security Guard with the air traffic lockdown codes

18.Captive Freight BS Xen,HECU

-24 Headcrabs,15 Vortigaunts,2 Bullsquids -41

-3 Sentry Turrets,49 Grunts,1 Abrams -56 -97

-Find Dr.Rosenberg and escort him to his team's Section A-17 Prototype Labs

19.Code Green DC HECU

-33 Grunts,1 Osprey -35

-Lift the air traffic lockdown

20.Crossfire DC Xen,HECU

-14 Vortigaunts -38

-24 Grunts

-Raise the prototype displacement beacon in the Gamma Labs to the surface

21.Blast Pit HL Xen

-14 Headcrabs,13 Zombie Scientests,14 Houndeyes,15 Bullsquids,5 Barnacles,3 Tentacles -64

-Test-fire the rocket engine to kill the Tentacles

22.Power Up HL Xen,HECU

-19 Headcrabs,1 Zombie Scientest,5 Houndeyes,9 Vortigaunts,1 Bullsquid,1 Gargantua,12 Leeches -48

-1 Sentry Turret,19 Grunts -20 -68

-Kill the Gargantua and activate the power to ride monorail to the surface

23.Intensity DC Xen -Part 2 End

-7 Zombie Scientests,5 Houndeyes,25 Vortigaunts,1 Bullsquid,8 Grunts -46

-Activate the Gamma Labs's beam matrix system to power the displacement beacon

24.On A Rail HL Xen,HECU -Part 3 Start

-26 Headcrabs,2 Zombie Scientests,8 Houndeyes,22 Vortigaunts,10 Bullsquids,12 Barnacles,20 Leeches -100 -172

-10 Sentry Turrets,61 Grunts,1 Sniper -72

-Get to the High Altitude Launch Center to launch a satelite rocket

25.Focal Point BS Xen

-28 Headcrabs,16 Houndeyes,17 Vortigaunts,6 Bullsquids,8 Barnacles,2 Grunts,10 Snarks,Manta Ray,6 Controllers -93

-Activate a triangulation device on Xen and return to the labs

26.Rift DC Xen

-39 Vortigaunts,10 Grunts,1 Manta Ray -50

-Defend the displacement beacon against Xen forces

27.Power Struggle BS Xen,HECU

-10 Headcrabs,4 Houndeyes,11 Vortigaunts,3 Bullsquids,2 Grunts -30

-1 Sentry Turret,19 Grunts -20 -50

-Find new batteries for the teleporter

28.A Leap Of Faith BS Xen,HECU

-2 Houndeyes -9

-7 Grunts

-Defend the teleporter and escape

29.Apprehension HL Xen,HECU,Black Ops

-7 Headcrabs,2 Zombie Scientests,13 Vortigaunts,3 Bullsquids,13 Barnacles,41 Leeches,3 Ichthyosaurs -82

-5 Grunts -90

-3 Female Assassins

-Traverse the underground facility and find the Lambda Complex

30.Deliverance BS HECU


-Escape Black Mesa

31.Xen Attacks DC HECU,Black Ops

-7 Sentry Turrets,20 Grunts -27

-3 Female Assassins -30

-Retrieve the crystal samples and bring them back to Nihilanth

32.Residue Proccessing HL Xen

-14 Headcrabs,5 Bullsquids,10 Barnacles -29

-Find a way out of the processing factory

33.Questionable Ethics HL Xen,HECU -Part 3 End

-19 Headcrabs,9 Houndeyes,3 Bullsquids,3 Grunts,5 Snarks -39

-2 Sentry Turrets,17 Grunts -19 -58

-Find a way out of the research lab and get to the surface

34."Welcome To Black Mesa" OF Xen -Part 4 Start

-17 Headcrabs,1 Zombie Scientest,4 Houndeyes,7 Vortigaunts,13 Barnacles,2 Zombie Grunts -44

-Get to the Black Mesa Transit System

35.Surface Tension HL Xen,HECU

-18 Headcrabs,1 Houndeye,25 Vortigaunts,1 Tentacle,1 Gargantua,1 Ichthyosaur,19 Grunts,34 Snarks,Manta Ray -100

-2 Sentry Turrets,63 Grunts,1 Osprey,3 Snipers,1 Mortar Gun,3 Apaches,Falcon,1 Abrams,2 Bradlies -87 -187

-Fight your way through the battlefield and find the Lambda Complex

36."We're Pulling Out" OF Xen,Race X

-4 Headcrabs,2 Houndeyes,14 Vortigaunts,3 Zombie Security Guards -23

-Shock Roach,Shock Trooper

-Get to the extraction point

37."Forget About Freeman!" HL Xen,Black Mesa,HECU

-5 Headcrabs,11 Vortigaunts,5 Barnacles,27 Leeches,1 Ichthyosaur,14 Grunts,50 Snarks,1 Sentry Cannon -114

-1 Gatling Turret -132

-3 Sentry Turrets,10 Grunts,1 Abrams -17

-Enter the Lambda Complex

38.Missing In Action OF Xen,Race X

-9 Headcrabs,2 Zombie Scientests,2 Vortigaunts,1 Bullsquid,5 Leeches,1 Zombie Grunt,4 Zombie Gonomes -24

-8 Pit Drones -32

-Find another way out

39.Friendly Fire OF Xen,Black Ops

-3 Houndeyes,16 Vortigaunts,3 Barnacles,3 Grunts -25

-11 Female Assassins,2 Sentry Turrets,11 Male Assassins -24 -49

-Get through the Lambda Complex to the secondary extraction point

40.Lambda Core HL Xen,Black Ops

-33 Headcrabs,17 Vortigaunts,2 Bullsquids,6 Barnacles,24 Grunts,15 Controllers -97

-4 Female Assassins -101

-Traverse through the Lambda Complex and get to Xen

41."We're Not Alone" OF Xen

-2 Houndeyes,2 Vortigaunts,6 Controllers -10

-Find a way out of Xen

42.Xen HL Xen

-5 Houndeyes,2 Vortigaunts,4 Xen Turrets -11

-Get deeper into Xen

43.Crush Depth OF Xen,Race X -Part 4 End

-4 Headcrabs,3 Zombie Scientests,3 Bullsquids,21 Leeches,5 Ichthyosaurs,3 Zombie Grunts,1 Zombie Gonome -40

-12 Pit Drones,1 Shock Roach,1 Shock Trooper -14 -54

-Find a way out of Sector E's underwater labs

44.Gonarch's Lair HL Xen -Part 5 Start

-5 Headcrabs,25 Baby Headcrabs,Gonarch Killed -31

-Kill Gonarch and proceed through Xen

45.Vicarious Reality OF Xen,Race X

-15 Headcrabs,15 Houndeyes,2 Bullsquids,7 Barnacles,2 Tentacles,26 Snarks,2 Zombie Gonomes -69

-12 Pit Drones,3 Shock Roaches,3 Shock Troopers,1 Voltigore -19 -88

-Find a way out of Sector E's Biodome Complex

46.Interloper HL Xen

-2 Headcrabs,50 Vortigaunts,1 Bullsquid,6 Barnacles,4 Tentacles,1 Gargantua,26 Grunts,5 Snarks,Manta Ray,36 Controllers -131

-Find the Nihilanth

47.Pit Worm's Nest OF Xen,Race X

-2 Bullsquids,3 Barnacles -5

-11 Pit Drones,Pit Worm Killed -12 -17

-Kill the Pit Worm and proceed to the surface

48.Nihilanth HL Xen

-5 Vortigaunts,1 Gargantua,1 Ichthyosaur,10 Controllers,Nihilanth Killed -18

-Kill Nihilanth

49.Endgame HL Xen,HECU

-Grunt,Manta Ray,Controller

-7 Grunts,1 Falcon,3 Abrams -20

-Listen to the G-Man's offer

50.Foxtrot Uniform OF Xen,Black Ops,Race X

-2 Bullsquids,3 Barnacles,1 Gargantua -6

-22 Male Assassins -92

-18 Pit Drones,16 Shock Roaches,16 Shock Troopers,11 Voltigores,3 Baby Voltigores -64

-Fight your way through the battlefield and get to the Hydro-Electric Dam

51."The Package" OF Xen,Black Ops,Race X

-2 Vortigaunts -59

-25 Male Assassins,1 Apache -27

-2 Pit Drones,12 Shock Roaches,12 Shock Troopers,4 Voltigores -30

-Stop the Black Ops' nuclear bomb plan

52.Worlds Collide OF Black Ops,Race X

-2 Female Assassins,20 Male Assassins -22 -37

-6 Shock Roaches,6 Shock Troopers,2 Voltigores,Gene Worm Killed -15

-Fight your way through and kill the Gene Worm

53.Conclusion OF -Part 5 End

-Listen to the G-Man

Enemies Killed By Game


-100 Leeches,94 Snarks,25 Baby Headcrabs,265 Headcrabs,37 Zombie Scientests,47 Houndeyes,45 Bullsquids,84 Barnacles,1 Sentry Cannon,4 Xen Turrets,174 Vortigaunts,86 Grunts,61 Controllers,6 Ichthyosaurs,8 Tentacles,4 Gargantuas,Gonarch Killed,Nihilanth Killed -1043

-2 Ceiling Turrets,1 Gatling Turret -3

-28 Sentry Turrets,1 Mortar Gun,206 Grunts,4 Snipers,2 Bradlies,2 Abrams,1 Osprey,3 Apaches,1 Falcon -262 -1315

-7 Female Assassins

II.Blue Shift

-10 Snarks,67 Headcrabs,4 Zombie Scientests,30 Houndeyes,15 Bullsquids,13 Barnacles,59 Vortigaunts,4 Grunts,6 Controllers -208 -293

-4 Sentry Turrets,77 Grunts,1 Abrams -85


-2 Leeches,5 Snarks,56 Headcrabs,27 Zombie Scientests,14 Houndeyes,1 Bullsquid,152 Vortigaunts,34 Grunts,22 Controllers,1 Manta Ray -324

-6 Ceiling Turrets

-12 Sentry Turrets,99 Grunts,1 Osprey -113 -446

-3 Female Assassins

IV.Opposing Force

-26 Leeches,26 Snarks,49 Headcrabs,6 Zombie Scientests,3 Zombie Security Guards,6 Zombie Grunts,7 Zombie Gonomes,26 Houndeyes,10 Bullsquids,29 Barnacles,46 Vortigaunts,4 Grunts,6 Controllers,5 Ichthyosaurs,2 Tentacles,1 Gargantua -252

-2 Sentry Turrets,13 Female Assassins,78 Male Assassins,1 Apache -95 -509

-63 Pit Drones,38 Shock Roaches,38 Shock Troopers,3 Baby Voltigores,18 Voltigores,Pit Worm Killed,Gene Worm Killed -162


-128 Leeches,135 Snarks,25 Baby Headcrabs,437 Headcrabs,74 Zombie Scientests,3 Zombie Security Guards,6 Zombie Grunts,7 Zombie Gonomes,117 Houndeyes,71 Bullsquids,126 Barnacles,1 Sentry Cannon,4 Xen Turrets,431 Vortigaunts,128 Grunts,95 Controllers,11 Ichthyosaurs,10 Tentacles,5 Gargantuas,1 Manta Ray,Gonarch Killed,Nihilanth Kiiled -1817

-8 Ceiling Turrets,1 Gatling Turret -9

-44 Sentry Turrets,1 Mortar Gun,382 Grunts,4 Snipers,2 Bradlies,3 Abrams,2 Ospreys,3 Apaches,1 Falcon -471 -2564

-2 Sentry Turrets,23 Female Assassins,78 Male Assassins,1 Apache -105

-63 Pit Drones,38 Shock Roaches,38 Shock Troopers,3 Baby Voltigores,18 Voltigores,Pit Worm Killed,Gene Worm Killed -162

Enemies Encountered In Order

1.Headcrab-Xen-20 -Unforeseen Consequences -28 Chapters

Part 1:9,14,10,40,52,12 -137

Part 2:5,11,11,24,14,19 -84

Part 3:26,28,10,7,14,19 -104 -437 HL:40,52,11,14,19,26,7,14,19,18,5,33,5,2 -265 BS:5,24,28,10 -77 DC:9,14,10,12,11 -56 OF:17,4,9,4,15 -49

Part 4:17,18,4,5,9,33,4 -90

Part 5:5,15,2 -22

-Interloper(2),"We're Pulling Out"/Crush Depth(4),Duty Calls/"Forget About Freeman!"/Gonarch's Lair(5),Apprehension(7),Dual Access/Missing In Action(9),Surface Call/Power Struggle(10)

"We've Got Hostiles"/Domestic Violence(11),Resonance(12),Hazardous Course/Blast Pit/Residue Processing(14),Vicarious Reality(15),"Welcome To Black Mesa"(17),Surface Tension(18)

Power Up/Questionable Ethics(19),Captive Freight(24),On A Rail(26),Focal Point(28),Lambda Core(33),Unforeseen Consequences(40),Office Complex(52)

-Leap Bite

2.Zombie,Scientest-Xen-100 -Unforeseen Consequences -15 Chapters

Part 1:6,6,9,9,4 -34

Part 2:4,1,4,13,1,7 -30

Part 3:2,2 -4 -74 HL:9,9,1,13,1,2,2 -37 BS:4 DC:6,6,4,4,7 -27 OF:1,2,3 -6

Part 4:1,2,3 -6

-"We've Got Hostiles"/Power Up/"Welcome To Black Mesa"(1),On A Rail/Apprehension/Missing In Action(2),Crush Depth(3),Resonance/Duty Calls/Domestic Violence(4),Dual Access/Hazardous Course(6)

Unforeseen Consequences/Office Complex(9),Blast Pit(13)

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing

3.Houndeye-Xen-30 -Unforeseen Consequences -19 Chapters

Part 1:9,5 -14

Part 2:8,14,5,5 -32

Part 3:8,16,4,2,9 -39 -117 HL:5,14,5,8,9,1,5 -47 BS:8,16,4,2 -30 DC:9,5 -14 OF:4,2,3,2,15 -26

Part 4:4,1,2,3,2,5 -17

Part 5:15

-Surface Tension(1),A Leap Of Faith/"We're Pulling Out"/"We're Not Alone"(2),Friendly Fire(3),Power Struggle/"Welcome To Black Mesa"(4),Unforeseen Consequences/Power Up/Intensity/Xen(5)

Duty Calls/On A Rail(8),Dual Access/Questionable Ethics(9),Blast Pit(14),Vicarious Reality(15),Focal Point(16)

-Sonic Blast

4.Vortigaunt-Xen-60 -Unforeseen Consequences -32 Chapters

Part 1:8,27,1,14,20 -70

Part 2:3,16,5,19,15,14,9,25 -106

Part 3:22,17,39,11,13 -102 -431 HL:1,14,5,9,22,13,25,11,17,2,50,5 -174 BS:16,15,17,11 -59 DC:8,27,20,19,14,25,39 -152 OF:3,7,14,2,16,2,2 -46

Part 4:7,25,14,11,2,16,17,2,2 -96

Part 5:50,5,2 -57

-Unforeseen Consequences(1),Missing In Action/"We're Not Alone"/Xen/"The Package"(2),Incoming(3),"We've Got Hostiles"/Nihilanth(5),"Welcome To Black Mesa"(7),Hazardous Course(8)

Power Up(9),Power Struggle/"Forget About Freeman!"(11),Apprehension(13),Office Complex/Crossfire/"We're Pulling Out"(14),Captive Freight(15),Duty Calls/Friendly Fire(16)

Focal Point/Lambda Core(17),Domestic Violence(19),Resonance(20),On A Rail(22),Intensity/Surface Tension(25),Surface Call(27),Rift(39),Interloper(50)

-Claw Swing,Electric Bolt

5.Bullsquid-Xen-120 -Unforeseen Consequences -21 Chapters

Part 1:2,3 -5

Part 2:4,2,15,1,1 -23

Part 3:10,6,3,3,5,3 -30 -71 HL:2,3,15,1,10,3,5,3,2,1 -45 BS:4,2,6,3 -15 DC:1 OF:1,3,2,2,2 -10

Part 4:1,2,3 -6

Part 5:2,1,2,2 -7

-Power Up/Intensity/Missing In Action/Interloper(1),Unforeseen Consequences/Captive Freight/Lambda Core/Vicarious Reality/Pit Worm's Nest/Foxtrot Uniform(2)

Office Complex/Power Struggle/Apprehension/Questionable Ethics/Crush Depth(3),Duty Calls(4),Residue Processing(5),Focal Point(6),On A Rail(10),Blast Pit(15)

-Toxic Spit,Bite,Tail Whip

6.Barnacle-Xen-25 -Unforeseen Consequences -17 Chapters

Part 1:7,9 -16

Part 2:5,11,5 -21

Part 3:12,8,13,10 -43 -126 HL:7,9,11,5,12,13,10,5,6,6 -84 BS:5,8 -13 OF:13,3,7,3,3 -29

Part 4:13,5,3,6 -27

Part 5:7,6,3,3 -19

-Friendly Fire/Pit Worm's Nest/Foxtrot Uniform(3),Duty Calls/Blast Pit/"Forget About Freeman!"(5),Lambda Core/Interloper(6),Unforeseen Consequences/Vicarious Reality(7),Focal Point(8)

Office Complex(9),Residue Processing(10),"We've Got Hostiles"(11),On A Rail(12),Apprehension/"Welcome To Black Mesa"(13)


7.Ceiling Turret-Black Mesa-60 -Office Complex -2 Chapters

Part 1:6,2 -8 HL:2 DC:6

-Office Complex(2),Hazardous Course(6)


8.Sentry Turret-HECU-50 -"We've Got Hostiles" -10 Chapters

Part 2:10,5,3,1 -19

Part 3:10,1,7,2 -20 -44 HL:10,1,10,2,2,3 -28 BS:3,1 -4 DC:5,7 -12

Part 4:2,3 -5

-Power Up/Power Struggle(1),Questionable Ethics/Surface Tension(2),Captive Freight/"Forget About Freeman!"(3),Domestic Violence(5),Xen Attacks(7),"We've Got Hostiles/On A Rail(10)


9.Grunt,Soldier-HECU-80 -"We've Got Hostiles" -17 Chapters

Part 2:2,24,22,49,33,24,19 -173

Part 3:61,19,7,5,20,17 -129 -382 HL:24,19,61,5,17,63,10,7 -206 BS:2,49,19,7 -77 DC:22,33,24,20 -99

Part 4:63,10 -73

Part 5:7

-Duty Calls(2),Apprehension(5),A Leap Of Faith/Endgame(7),"Forget About Freeman!"(10),Questionable Ethics(17),Power Up/Power Struggle(19),Xen Attacks(20),Domestic Violence(22)

"We've Got Hostiles"/Crossfire(24),Code Green(33),Captive Freight(49),On A Rail(61),Surface Tension(63)

-Kick,Submachinegun,Shotgun,Hand Grenade,Grenade Launcher

10.Grunt,Squad Leader-HECU-80 -"We've Got Hostiles" -15 Chapters

11.V-22 Osprey-HECU-400 -"We've Got Hostiles" -3 Chapters

Part 2:1 2x2-4 HL:1 DC:1

Part 4:1

-Code Green/Surface Tension(1)

-Drop Off Grunts,Explode

12.Tentacle-Xen -Blast Pit -4 Chapters

Part 2:3

Part 4:1 -10 HL:3,1,4 -8 OF:2

Part 5:2,4 -6

-Surface Tension(1),Vicarious Reality(2),Blast Pit(3),Interloper(4)

-Beak Smash

13.Gargantua-Xen-1000 -Power Up -5 Chapters

Part 2:1

Part 4:1 -5 HL:1,1,1,1 -4 OF:1

Part 5:1,1,1 -3

-Power Up/Surface Tension/Interloper/Nihilanth/Foxtrot Uniform(1)

-Punch,Flamethrower Hands,Stomp Beam

14.Leech-Xen-5 -Power Up -7 Chapters

Part 2:2,12 -14

Part 3:20,41 -61 -128 HL:12,20,41,27 -100 DC:2 OF:5,21 -26

Part 4:27,5,21 -53

-Domestic Violence(2),Missing In Action(5),Power Up(12),On A Rail(20),Crush Depth(21),"Forget About Freeman!"(27),Apprehension(41)


15.Grunt,Enforcer-HECU-80 -On A Rail -11 Chapters

16.Grunt,Demoman-HECU-80 -On A Rail -7 Chapters

17.Sniper-HECU-50 -On A Rail -2 Chapters

Part 3:1 -4

Part 4:3

-On A Rail(1),Surface Tension(3)

-Sniper Rifle

18.Ichthyosaur-Xen-400 -Apprehension -5 Chapters

Part 3:3

Part 4:1,1,5 -7 -11 HL:3,1,1,1 -6 OF:5

Part 5:1

-Surface Tension/"Forget About Freeman!"/Nihilanth(1),Apprehension(3),Crush Depth(5)

-Bite,Claw Swing

19.Female Assassin-Black Ops-50 -Apprehension -5 Chapters

Part 3:3,3 -6

Part 4:11,4 -15 -23 HL:3,4 -7 DC:3 OF:11,2 -13

Part 5:2

-Worlds Collide(2),Apprehension/Xen Attacks(3),Lambda Core(4),Friendly Fire(11)

-Silenced Pistol,Hand Grenade

20.Grunt-Xen-120 -Questionable Ethics -13 Chapters

Part 1:16

Part 2:1,8 -9

Part 3:2,10,2,3 -17 -128 HL:3,19,14,24,26 -86 BS:2,2 -4 DC:16,8,10 -34 OF:1,3 -4

Part 4:19,14,3,24 -60

Part 5:26

-Incoming(1),Focal Point/Power Struggle(2),Questionable Ethics/Friendly Fire(3),Intensity(8),Rift(10),"Forget About Freeman!"(14),Resonance(16),Surface Tension(19),Lambda Core(24),Interloper(26)


21.Snark-Xen-5 -Questionable Ethics -7 Chapters

Part 2:5

Part 3:10,5 -15 -135 HL:5,34,50,5 -94 BS:10 DC:5 OF:26

Part 4:34,50 -84

Part 5:26,5 -31

-Domestic Violence/Questionable Ethics/Interloper(5),Focal Point(10),Vicarious Reality(26),Surface Tension(34),"Forget About Freeman!"(50)


22.Mortar Gun-HECU-100 -Surface Tension -1 Chapter

Part 4:1


23.AH-64 Apache-HECU-250 -Surface Tension -2 Chapters

Part 4:3 3x2-6


24.F-16 Fighting Falcon-HECU -Surface Tension -2 Chapters

Part 5:1 1x1-1


-Aerial Bombs

25.M1A1 Abrams-HECU-400 -Surface Tension -4 Chapters

Part 2:1

Part 4:1,1 2x4-8 6x4-24 HL:1,1,3 -5 BS:1

Part 5:3

-Captive Freight/Surface Tension/"Forget About Freeman!"(1),Endgame(3)

-Machinegun,Main Gun,Explode

26.M2A3 Bradley-HECU-400 -Surface Tension -1 Chapter

Part 4:2 2x3-6

-Rockets,Main Gun,Explode

27.Manta Ray-Xen-900 -Surface Tension -6 Chapters

Part 3:1


-Drop Off Xenians,Beam

28.Gatling Turret-Black Mesa-70 -"Forget About Freeman!" -1 Chapter

Part 4:1


29.Sentry Cannon-Xen-100 -"Forget About Freeman!" -1 Chapter

Part 4:1

-Beam Gun

30.Controller-Xen-100 -Lambda Core -7 Chapters

Part 1:22

Part 3:6 -95 HL:15,36,10 -61 BS:6 DC:22 OF:6

Part 4:15,6 -21

Part 5:36,10 -46

-Focal Point/We're Not Alone"(6),Nihilanth(10),Lambda Core(15),Resonance(22),Interloper(36)

-Small Orbs,Large Orbs

31.Xen Turret-Xen-165 -Xen -1 Chapter

Part 4:4

-Electric Bolt

32.Baby Headcrab-Xen-5 -Gonarch's Lair -1 Chapter

Part 5:25

-Leap Bite

33.Gonarch-Xen-4200 -Gonarch's Lair -1 Chapter

Part 5:X

-Birth Baby Headcrabs,Kick,Double Kick,Acid Ball

34.Nihilanth-Xen-1000 -Nihilanth -1 Chapter

Part 5:X

-Teleportation Orbs,Offensive Orbs,Concentrated Offensive Orbs

35.Zombie,Grunt-Xen-120 -"Welcome To Black Mesa" -3 Chapters

Part 4:2,1,3 -6

-Missing In Action(1),"Welcome To Black Mesa"(2),Crush Depth(3)

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing

36.Zombie,Security Guard-Xen-100 -"We're Pulling Out" -1 Chapter

Part 4:3

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing

37.Zombie,Gonome-Xen-165 -Missing In Action -3 Chapters

Part 4:4,1 -5

Part 5:2 -7

-Crush Depth(1),Vicarious Reality(2),Missing In Action(4)

-Organ Throw,Claw Swing,Maw Bite

38.Pit Drone-Race X-110 -Missing In Action -6 Chapters

Part 4:8,12 -20 -63

Part 5:12,11,18,2 -43

-"The Package"(2),Missing In Action(8),Pit Worm's Nest(11),Crush Depth/Vicarious Reality(12),Foxtrot Uniform(18)

-Thorns,Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing

39.Sentry Turret-Black Ops-50 -Friendly Fire -1 Chapter

Part 4:2


40.Male Assassin-Black Ops-80 -Friendly Fire -4 Chapters

Part 4:11 -78

Part 5:22,25,20 -67

-Friendly Fire(11),Worlds Collide(20),Foxtrot Uniform(22),"The Package"(25)

-Multiple Kicks,Submachinegun,Hand Grenade,Grenade Launcher

41.Shock Roach-Race X-20 -Crush Depth -6 Chapters

Part 4:1 -38

Part 5:3,16,12,6 -37

-Crush Depth(1),Vicarious Reality(3),Worlds Collide(6),"The Package"(12),Foxtrot Uniform(16)


42.Shock Trooper-Race X-180 -Crush Depth -6 Chapters

Part 4:1 -38

Part 5:3,16,12,6 -37

-Crush Depth(1),Vicarious Reality(3),Worlds Collide(6),"The Package"(12),Foxtrot Uniform(16)

-Punch,Shock Roach,Spore Grenade

43.Voltigore-Race X-450 -Vicarious Reality -4 Chapters

Part 5:1,11,4,2 -18

-Vicarious Reality(1),Worlds Collide(2),"The Package"(4),Foxtrot Uniform(11)

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing,Orb,Explode

44.Pit Worm-Race X -Pit Worm's Nest -1 Chapter

Part 5:X

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing,Eye Beam

45.Baby Voltigore-Race X-120 -Foxtrot Uniform -1 Chapter

Part 5:3

-Claw Swing,Double Claw Swing

46.AH-64 Apache-Black Ops-350 -"The Package" -1 Chapter

Part 5:1 1x2-2


47.Gene Worm-Race X -Worlds Collide -1 Chapter

Part 5:X

-Teleport In Shock Troopers,Tentacle Smash,Toxic Mouth Ray

Enemies By Strength



3.Baby Headcrab-5


5.Shock Roach-20



8.Sentry Turret(HECU)-50

9.Sentry Turret(Black Ops)-50


11.Female Assassin-50


13.Ceiling Turret-60

14.Gatling Turret-70


16.Grunt,Squad Leader-80



19.Male Assassin-80


21.Zombie,Security Guard-100

22.Mortar Gun-100

23.Sentry Cannon-100


25.Pit Drone-110




29.Baby Voltigore-120

30.Xen Turret-165


32.Shock Trooper-180

33.AH-64 Apache(HECU)-250

34.AH-64 Apache(Black Ops)-350

35.V-22 Osprey-400


37.M1A1 Abrams-400

38.M2A3 Bradley-400


40.Manta Ray-900





45.F-16 Fighting Falcon

46.Pit Worm

47.Gene Worm

Supplies Found


1.Anomalous Materials

-1 HEV Suit

-1 Battery

-3 Health Chargers

2.Unforeseen Consequences

-1 Medkit,6 Batteries

-1 Crowbar,5 Pistols,10 9mm Clips,3 Hand Grenade Packs

-7 Health Chargers

3.Office Complex

-8 Medkits,8 Batteries

-4 Pistols,5 Shotguns,18 9mm Clips,14 Shell Boxes,9 Hand Grenade Packs

-7 Health Chargers

4."We've Got Hostiles"

-1 Medkit,9 Batteries

-25 SMGs,1 Shotgun,6 9mm Clips,17 9mm Magazines,10 Shell Boxes,1 Hand Grenade Pack

-13 Health Chargers,4 HEV Chargers

5.Blast Pit

-17 Medkits,4 Batteries

-1 Crowbar,2 Pistols,1 Revolver,4 Magnum Boxes,7 Hand Grenade Packs,5 Tripmines

-4 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers

6.Power Up

-7 Medkits

-1 Revolver,17 SMGs,1 Shotgun,2 9mm Clips,3 Magnum Boxes,4 9mm Magazines,3 M203 Grenade Packs,2 Shell Boxes,1 Bolt Magazine,5 Hand Grenade Packs,5 Tripmines

-4 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers

7.On A Rail

-15 Medkits,13 Batteries

-2 Pistols,2 Revolvers,42 SMGs,9 Shotguns,4 9mm Clips,10 Magnum Boxes,8 9mm Magazines,10 M203 Grenade Packs,3 Shell Boxes,10 Hand Grenade Packs,9 Satchel Charges,3 Tripmines

-7 Health Chargers,3 HEV Chargers


-5 Medkits,3 Batteries

-1 Crowbar,4 SMGs,1 Crossbow,4 9mm Clips,2 Magnum Boxes,9 9mm Magazines,7 M203 Grenade Packs,6 Shell Boxes,11 Bolt Magazines,3 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Satchel Charges

-6 Health Chargers,3 HEV Chargers

9.Residue Processing

-1 Medkit,2 Batteries

-1 Pistol,1 Revolver,1 9mm Clip,2 M203 Grenade Packs,1 Shell Box,2 Satchel Charges

-5 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

10.Questionable Ethics

-7 Batteries

-1 Pistol,14 SMGs,2 Shotguns,1 Crossbow,1 Tau Cannon,2 9mm Clips,2 Magnum Boxes,4 M203 Grenade Packs,1 Shell Box,1 Bolt Magazine,2 Uranium Cases,3 Tripmines,1 Snark Nest

-7 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

11.Surface Tension

-46 Medkits,22 Batteries

-5 Pistols,57 SMGs,7 Shotguns,1 Crossbow,2 RPGs,1 Hivehand,8 9mm Clips,3 Magnum Boxes,12 9mm Magazines,10 M203 Grenade Packs,7 Shell Boxes,13 Bolt Magazines,13 Rockets,9 Uranium Cases,8 Hand Grenade Packs,9 Satchel Charges,8 Tripmines,5 Snark Nests

-8 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

12."Forget About Freeman!"

-12 Medkits,5 Batteries

-1 Pistol,8 SMGs,2 RPGs,4 9mm Magazines,1 M203 Grenade Pack,1 Bolt Magazine,9 Rockets,4 Uranium Cases,2 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Tripmines,3 Snark Nests

-2 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

13.Lambda Core

-1 Long Jump Module

-18 Medkits,12 Batteries

-3 Pistols,1 Shotgun,1 RPG,1 Tau Cannon,2 Gluon Guns,1 Hivehand,2 9mm Clips,5 Magnum Boxes,7 9mm Magazines,5 M203 Grenade Packs,7 Shell Boxes,6 Bolt Magazines,12 Uranium Cases,6 Hand Grenade Packs,4 Satchel Charges,1 Tripmine,2 Weapon Boxes

-6 Health Chargers,5 HEV Chargers


-2 Medkits,1 Battery

-1 Healing Pool

15.Gonarch's Lair

-10 Batteries

-4 Weapon Boxes

-3 Healing Pools


-23 Medkits,16 Batteries

-1 9mm Clip,2 M203 Grenade Packs,1 Shell Box,1 Rocket,2 Uranium Cases,7 Hand Grenade Packs,9 Satchel Charges,6 Tripmines,1 Snark Nest,9 Weapon Boxes

-3 Healing Pools,5 Healing Showers


-10 Medkits,6 Batteries

-2 Satchel Charges,14 Weapon Boxes

-3 Healing Pools


-1 HEV Suit,1 Long Jump Module

-156 Medkits,125 Batteries

-3 Crowbars,24 Pistols,5 Revolvers,167 SMGs,26 Shotguns,3 Crossbows,5 RPGs,2 Tau Cannons,2 Gluon Guns,2 Hivehands,58 9mm Clips,29 Magnum Boxes,61 9mm Magazines,44 M203 Grenade Packs,55 Shell Boxes,33 Bolt Magazines,23 Rockets,29 Uranium Cases,61 Hand Grenade Packs,37 Satchel Charges,33 Tripmines,10 Snark Nests,29 Weapon Boxes

-79 Health Chargers,23 HEV Chargers,10 Healing Pools,5 Healing Showers

II.Blue Shift

1.Living Quarters Outbound

-1 Health Charger


-1 Helmet,1 Kevlar Vest

-7 Pistols,4 Shotguns,3 9mm Clips

-1 Health Charger

3.Duty Calls

-1 Helmet,1 Kevlar Vest

-6 Medkits

-1 Crowbar,4 Shotguns,11 9mm Clips,4 Shell Boxes

-3 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

4.Captive Freight

-7 Helmets,7 Kevlar Vests

-40 Medkits

-2 Pistols,2 Revolvers,37 SMGs,15 Shotguns,1 RPG,8 9mm Clips,7 Magnum Boxes,14 9mm Magazines,9 M203 Grenade Packs,5 Shell Boxes,9 Rockets,6 Hand Grenade Packs,3 Satchel Charges

-2 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

5.Focal Point

-6 Medkits

-2 Snark Nests,10 Weapon Boxes

-5 Healing Pools

6.Power Struggle

-2 Helmets,2 Kevlar Vests

-7 Medkits

-1 Pistol,1 Revolver,15 SMGs,5 Shotguns,3 9mm Clips,1 Magnum Box,6 9mm Magazines,4 M203 Grenade Packs,1 Shell Box,2 Rockets,2 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Satchel Charges

-4 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers

7.A Leap Of Faith

-6 SMGs,1 Shotgun


-1 Crowbar


-11 Helmets,11 Kevlar Vests

-59 Medkits

-2 Crowbars,10 Pistols,3 Revolvers,58 SMGs,29 Shotguns,1 RPG,25 9mm Clips,8 Magnum Boxes,20 9mm Magazines,13 M203 Grenade Packs,10 Shell Boxes,11 Rockets,8 Hand Grenade Packs,5 Satchel Charges,2 Snark Nests,10 Weapon Boxes

-11 Health Chargers,4 HEV Chargers,5 Healing Pools


1.Dual Access

-2 HEV Suits

-3 Batteries

-2 Crowbars,7 Pistols,8 9mm Clips

-3 Health Chargers

2.Hazardous Course

-3 Batteries

-3 Pistols,2 Shotguns,9 9mm Clips

-4 Health Chargers

3.Surface Call

-4 Medkits,1 Battery

-1 Pistol,2 9mm Clips,3 Shell Boxes


-3 Batteries

-2 Revolvers,2 Shotguns,4 Magnum Boxes,3 Shell Boxes,2 Weapon Boxes

-3 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers

5.Domestic Violence

-3 Medkits,8 Batteries

-3 Pistols,1 Revolver,14 SMGs,11 Shotguns,2 Displacers,2 Magnum Boxes,1 Shell Box,4 Uranium Boxes,1 Snark Nest

-6 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

6.Code Green

-5 Medkits,5 Batteries

-2 Pistols,27 SMGs,7 Shotguns,1 9mm Clip,3 Magnum Boxes,2 9mm Magazines,2 9mm Boxes,4 M203 Grenade Packs,3 Shell Boxes,2 Hand Grenade Packs


-13 Medkits,4 Batteries

-2 Pistols,21 SMGs,4 Shotguns,5 9mm Clips,4 Magnum Boxes,2 9mm Magazines,1 9mm Box,3 M203 Grenade Packs,4 Shell Boxes

-3 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger


-1 Health Charger,1 HEV Charger


-4 Medkits,2 Batteries

-2 RPGs,2 Magnum Boxes,1 9mm Box,4 M203 Grenade Packs,2 Shell Boxes,4 Rockets,2 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Weapon Boxes

10.Xen Attacks

-4 Medkits,4 Batteries

-19 SMGs,1 M203 Grenade Pack,1 Hand Grenade Pack,1 Tripmine

-2 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers


-2 HEV Suits

-33 Medkits,33 Batteries

-2 Crowbars,18 Pistols,3 Revolvers,81 SMGs,26 Shotguns,2 RPGs,2 Displacers,25 9mm Clips,15 Magnum Boxes,4 9mm Magazines,4 9mm Boxes,13 M203 Grenade Packs,16 Shell Boxes,4 Rockets,4 Uranium Boxes,6 Hand Grenade Packs,1 Tripmine,1 Snark Nest,4 Weapon Boxes

-22 Health Chargers,7 HEV Chargers

IV.Opposing Force


-1 SMG,1 Shotgun

2."Welcome To Black Mesa"

-1 PCV

-9 Medkits,5 Batteries

-1 Pipe Wrench,1 Knife,2 Deagles,1 Shotgun,6 Magnum Boxes,2 Shell Boxes,1 Hand Grenade Pack

-2 Health Chargers

3."We're Pulling Out"

-2 Batteries

-2 Pistols,1 Deagle,3 SMGs,4 9mm Clips,3 Magnum Boxes,1 9mm Magazine,1 M203 Grenade Pack,1 Shell Box,1 Hand Grenade Pack,1 Satchel Charge

-1 Health Charger,1 HEV Charger

4.Missing In Action

-7 Medkits,12 Batteries

-1 Deagle,1 SMG,2 Shotguns,1 RPG,1 9mm Clip,2 Magnum Boxes,3 9mm Magazines,1 M203 Grenade Pack,2 Shell Boxes,1 Rocket,2 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Satchel Charges,1 Tripmine

-1 Health Charger

5.Friendly Fire

-12 Medkits,5 Batteries

-1 Knife,3 Pistols,4 Deagles,12 SMGs,4 Shotguns,1 RPG,1 SAW,7 Magnum Boxes,6 9mm Magazines,5 M203 Grenade Packs,5 Shell Boxes,3 Hand Grenade Packs,2 Satchel Charges,2 Tripmines

-1 PCV Charger

6."We're Not Alone"

-1 Shotgun,1 Displacer,1 Weapon Box

-2 Health Chargers,1 HEV Charger

7.Crush Depth

-4 Medkits,6 Batteries

-1 Pistol,1 Deagle,1 SMG,1 Displacer,1 Shock Roach,9 Uranium Cases,1 Weapon Box

-2 Health Chargers,2 HEV Chargers,2 Healing Pools

8.Vicarious Reality

-2 Medkits,14 Batteries

-1 Barnacle Grapple,1 Deagle,2 SMGs,1 Shotgun,3 Shock Roaches,3 Spore Launchers,1 9mm Magazine,2 M203 Grenade Packs,6 Uranium Cases,2 Hand Grenade Packs,4 Snark Nests,1 SAW Box,18 Spores,1 Weapon Box

-3 Health Chargers,2 Healing Pools

9.Pit Worm's Nest

-8 Medkits,7 Batteries

-1 Pistol,2 Deagles,1 SMG,1 Shotgun,2 9mm Clips,1 9mm Magazine,1 M203 Grenade Pack,2 Shell Boxes,1 Uranium Case,1 SAW Box,3 Spores,1 Weapon Box

10.Foxtrot Uniform

-15 Medkits,4 Batteries

-1 Pistol,1 Deagle,25 SMGs,4 Shotguns,4 SAWs,3 Snipers,16 Shock Roaches,2 Magnum Boxes,3 9mm Magazines,3 M203 Grenade Packs,2 Shell Boxes,4 Rockets,4 Uranium Cases,5 Satchel Charges,1 Tripmine,6 SAW Boxes,2 Sniper Magazines,14 Spores

-1 Health Charger,1 HEV Charger

11."The Package"

-14 Medkits,7 Batteries

-1 Pistol,27 SMGs,1 Shotgun,2 RPGs,1 SAW,12 Shock Roaches,2 Magnum Boxes,1 9mm Magazine,1 M203 Grenade Pack,1 Shell Box,5 Rockets,7 Uranium Cases,1 Hand Grenade Pack,3 Satchel Charges,2 Tripmines,5 SAW Boxes,1 Sniper Magazine

12.Worlds Collide

-9 Medkits,4 Batteries

-1 Pistol,20 SMGs,6 Shock Roaches,7 Magnum Boxes,1 9mm Magazine,6 M203 Grenade Packs,2 Rockets,1 Uranium Case,1 Hand Grenade Pack,1 Satchel Charge,3 SAW Boxes,1 Sniper Magazine,2 Spores

-1 Health Charger,1 HEV Charger,1 Super Healing Pool


-1 PCV

-70 Medkits,66 Batteries

-1 Pipe Wrench,2 Knives,1 Barnacle Grapple,10 Pistols,13 Deagles,93 SMGs,16 Shotguns,4 RPGs,6 SAWs,2 Displacers,3 Snipers,3 Spore Launchers,38 Shock Roaches,7 9mm Clips,29 Magnum Boxes,17 9mm Magazines,20 M203 Grenade Packs,15 Shell Boxes,12 Rockets,28 Uranium Cases,11 Hand Grenade Packs,14 Satchel Charges,6 Tripmines,4 Snark Nests,16 SAW Boxes,4 Sniper Magazines,37 Spores,4 Weapon Boxes

-13 Health Chargers,6 HEV Chargers,1 PCV Charger,4 Healing Pools,1 Super Healing Pool


-3 HEV Suits,1 Long Jump Module,11 Helmets,11 Kevlar Vests,1 PCV

-318 Medkits,224 Batteries

-7 Crowbars,1 Pipe Wrench,2 Knives,1 Barnacle Grapple,62 Pistols,11 Revolvers,13 Deagles,399 SMGs,97 Shotguns,3 Crossbows,12 RPGs,2 Tau Cannons,2 Gluon Guns,2 Hivehands,6 SAWs,4 Displacers,3 Snipers,3 Spore Launchers,38 Shock Roaches,115 9mm Clips,81 Magnum Boxes,102 9mm Magazines,4 9mm Boxes,90 M203 Grenade Packs,96 Shell Boxes,33 Bolt Magazines,50 Rockets,57 Uranium Cases,4 Uranium Boxes,86 Hand Grenade Packs,56 Satchel Charges,40 Tripmines,17 Snark Nests,16 SAW Boxes,4 Sniper Magazines,37 Spores,47 Weapon Boxes

-125 Health Chargers,40 HEV Chargers,1 PCV Charger,19 Healing Pools,5 Healing Showers,1 Super Healing Pool


1.Xen Aliens:314,328,425,488,262 -1817

I.Wildlife:206,212,299,305,129 -1151

II.Millitary:108,116,126,183,133 -666

2.Black Mesa:8,1 -9

3.HECU(Hazardous Environment Combat Unit):197,150,104,20 -471

I.Infantry:191,150,82,7 -430

II.Vehicles:6,22,13 -41

4.Black Ops:6,28,71 -105

5.Race X:22,140 -162

I.Wildlife:1,41 -42

II.Millitary:21,99 -120

Total Killed:322,525,581,643,493 -2564


"Hark! Dost thou hear with thine ears what I hear with mine? Interloper! No quarter shall be shown hither, fiend! Anon! Show thyself, churl!"


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