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Anyone can help me with my Twitch broadcast?

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I cannot ask Ross about everything, he's too busy ;p


I still have not many views but I noticed some people actually want me to see the chat :) I want to find a way to see the Twitch chat while I'm in the full-screen mode playing a game- BUT... on one screen. Is this even possible?


I tried Overwolf which kept on notoriously crashing my game (Guild Wars2) and two other programs that I can't remember anymore (because they were useless) :]


Currently, for steaming I use OBS which is mostly stable. I keep on looking for some add-on or whatever but maybe you guys have an idea?




Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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I'll just sneak in here as well. Seeing as I've been interested in streaming myself. However, I'm more of the silent type of gamer (even though I have no mic to speak into in the first place), and no means to do face cam. Not sure if I want to do face cam in the first place (or is that the "law" with streaming nowadays? Like how you "need" 1080p and 60fps for video game footage on Youtube).


In other words, if I were to stream, I would like help in the internet department, and the possibility in mic/voice and face interaction. Oh and setting up as well. Bonus points if you're willing to be test auidence(s). Do note, I would only be able to stream at night (on my end) so... yeah.


"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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