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Russian Roulette 2: The Next Worlds.

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This is a game I've been looking for since 2000. I had it as a kid as an original disk and I spent countless hours playing it, but unfortunately one day the disk broke and I was never again able to find this gem, until yesterday.


Thanks to someone from reddit pointing me in the right direction I could find the game's developers, altough they only had a patch to the game instead of the full thing. I tried looking online for a physical copy to buy, but no luck there either. Finally after a long time searching I could find a single link with what appears to be the full game, too bad it's in russian and has some compatibility issues.


Russian Roulette 2 is a 3d FPS developed by Buka Entertainment, a russian game company. Along with its prequel it's one of the first open world games with vehicles, since I'm pretty sure this came out before Grand Theft Auto. Here's the synopsis under spoiler tags:



Russian Roulette II: The Next Worlds is a 3D shooter and sequel to Russian Roulette.


In the game you have to, again, unite six planets through the activation of galactic portals. Each of the planets features a completely different theme, ranging from prehistoric, to medieval and futuristic. You can move around the worlds freely, both on foot or using the various vehicles available to you, including tanks, jeeps, space ships, or even live dragons or giant grasshoppers.




The game is actually pretty fun for being so unknown. The gameplay is pretty much the antithesis to Deus Ex, most of the time you just have to go in guns blazing and moving at all times like a maniac, which is pretty fun. The worlds and levels are very nicely constructed too and there's a lot of atmosphere, it's definitely a game you guys should check out. Here are some of the links:



Game link 1: http://legendsworld.net/shooter/game/5779 (Download the third file)


Game link 2: https://mega.nz/#!tUsGTARb!fPkFqvJG23aSBvGPWgTuk1kVM8CxUTFMKbg8cSeJom4


Full OST I uploaded:


Video I made about the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-OKRJOf_Fk



I hope this game doesn't die, that's why I'm sharing it with you guys.

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