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A new mind series!

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What's up, everybody! After seeing people on this forum and in the comments of the Freeman's Mind episodes saying that they'd like to find more mind series,since they're pretty hard to find usually. So I bring to you today...SOHN'S MIND!




Sohn's Mind is, as you could have guessed, a MIND series. It takes place in the Half-Life mod "Residual Life" and will jump to it's sister mod "Residual Point" about halfway through the series. The series follows a 25 year old biologist by the name of Jack W. Sohn as he attempts to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility alive after the Resonance Cascade happens while he is on his way to work.




When I first watched Freeman's Mind, I really wanted to create a Mind Series. I then proceeded to try to make one in just about every FPS that I could get my hands on and record easily. None of them worked out, since I had absolutely NO idea how to make a mind series, and would record the dialogue LIVE in video. Horrible way to go. After a few years of failed attempts, I finally managed to find a mod that I could do a mind series in. Half-Life: Residual Point. I tried it out, but came to multiple ridiculous moments that I wouldn't have been able to make funny, so I hopped over to it's sister mod, Residual Life. This mod actually is supposed to have a female protagonist named Kim Sora, but since I liked certain areas of RL better than RP, I just ported the Residual Point protagonist over(Jack W. Sohn) and went from there. When I made the original, I had just gotten out of high school and was still looking for a job, so I couldn't really properly write Jack as slightly hating his job, since I had no idea what hating your job was like, but shortly after I made the first few episodes, I got a job at a grocery store and began to hate it after a few months. Recently, I decided to remake the series, and channel some of my "fuck [POPULAR US GROCERY STORE]" mentality and try to make Jack come off as more...I guess "loathing" of Black Mesa.




In conclusion, Sohn's Mind is the result of me having a burning passion to create a mind series and having too much free time on my hands. =


Now, remember, this series isn't gonna be anywhere NEAR as polished as Ross's series, but I'm gonna try to make it enjoyable. Trust me. It is a very bad idea to trust me for ANY reason.


Thank you for reading this bullshit dump! I hope that this satisfies some people's "emptiness" until Freeman's Mind Season 2 comes out.







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