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  1. So I've been playing a bit of BONEWORKS recently and I realized that Arthur Ford is silent, except for a few grunts of pain when hit, and then I thought about the idea of if it'd be possible to make a "Ford's Mind" or "Arthur's Mind" or something. I could probably do it, since I don't get motion sick in VR, but I already have a mind series going right now, so I figured I'd put this idea out there in case anyone was looking for a game to do a potential series in. With it being VR and Arthur's movement being entirely determined by you (You can move his arms around, look at angles a normal first person game wouldn't let you, and it you have Index controllers, you could even make him do hand gestures.)
  2. *Introduction to the gravity gun* Alyx: This is the gravity gun my father was talking about. You can call it the 'Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator' if you really want to. Gordon: Wait a minute. "Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator"? But how's that even possible? I thought Zero Point Energy couldn't be harnessed. Is this safe? I doubt it. *Ravenholm* Alyx: That's the old passage to Ravenholm. We don't go there anymore. Gordon: What happened? You know what, nevermind. I don't wanna know. *later on* Alyx: Dog, take Gordon to the Ravenholm tunnel, then circle around and try to meet up with me. Hurry! Gordon: Wait, what? But I thought you said you don't go there anymore. You said it so cryptically. Whatever's there can't be good. *looks at DOG* Gordon: Well, I guess I shouldn't worry too much. She left her robot guardian with me, and it seems pretty capable. Just don't get any bright ideas on crumpling me up and playing fetch with my body. I would NOT like that. *Reaction to the buggy* Gordon: What the fuck? This isn't a car. This is a rusted out piece of junk. I feel like I'd be better off walking. It looks like it's held together with duct tape and willpower. Is this seriously the best you guys have?
  3. "Wow, this is awesome-wait a damn minute. You said this was a 'Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator'? What the hell? So this thing uses the Casimir Effect or something? How is this even possible?"
  4. How is this a scam? You want people to purchase Freman's Mind on Steam? Are you joking? And why would Ross need tons to money to make Freeman's Mind 2? He's already did a beg-a-thon video, he's not hurting for money now, he's just not interested in continuing Freeman's Mind yet. He HAS to make the MOVIE.
  5. What's up, everybody! After seeing people on this forum and in the comments of the Freeman's Mind episodes saying that they'd like to find more mind series,since they're pretty hard to find usually. So I bring to you today...SOHN'S MIND! WHAT THE HELL IS SOHN'S MIND, ANYWAY? Sohn's Mind is, as you could have guessed, a MIND series. It takes place in the Half-Life mod "Residual Life" and will jump to it's sister mod "Residual Point" about halfway through the series. The series follows a 25 year old biologist by the name of Jack W. Sohn as he attempts to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility alive after the Resonance Cascade happens while he is on his way to work. WHY ARE YOU SCREWING UP THE MIND COMMUNITY? When I first watched Freeman's Mind, I really wanted to create a Mind Series. I then proceeded to try to make one in just about every FPS that I could get my hands on and record easily. None of them worked out, since I had absolutely NO idea how to make a mind series, and would record the dialogue LIVE in video. Horrible way to go. After a few years of failed attempts, I finally managed to find a mod that I could do a mind series in. Half-Life: Residual Point. I tried it out, but came to multiple ridiculous moments that I wouldn't have been able to make funny, so I hopped over to it's sister mod, Residual Life. This mod actually is supposed to have a female protagonist named Kim Sora, but since I liked certain areas of RL better than RP, I just ported the Residual Point protagonist over(Jack W. Sohn) and went from there. When I made the original, I had just gotten out of high school and was still looking for a job, so I couldn't really properly write Jack as slightly hating his job, since I had no idea what hating your job was like, but shortly after I made the first few episodes, I got a job at a grocery store and began to hate it after a few months. Recently, I decided to remake the series, and channel some of my "fuck [POPULAR US GROCERY STORE]" mentality and try to make Jack come off as more...I guess "loathing" of Black Mesa. ALRIGHT, FUCKER, ARE YOU DONE NOW? In conclusion, Sohn's Mind is the result of me having a burning passion to create a mind series and having too much free time on my hands. = Now, remember, this series isn't gonna be anywhere NEAR as polished as Ross's series, but I'm gonna try to make it enjoyable. Trust me. It is a very bad idea to trust me for ANY reason. Thank you for reading this bullshit dump! I hope that this satisfies some people's "emptiness" until Freeman's Mind Season 2 comes out. FIRST EPISODE: q1TwCFAPIz0 LATEST EPISODE: JU-2Lb9jpoM
  6. I like Shephard's Mind, but Barney seems to be written to be too much of a dork in Barney's Mind. It's cringeworthy to me.
  7. Well, according to the Half-Life wiki, Gordon grew up in Seattle and built a butane powered tennis ball launcher at the age of 6. He may be nutty, but he's a nutty genius. One might say he's a...Nutty Professor.
  8. Now I'm worried you're getting a vibe of undue pressure from me, I'm just throwing ideas about here! Don't sweat it... Yeah, the "Galloway's Mind" wasn't too big of a thing for me, since I don't think you can shut the hud off in Undying, and that would probably break the immersion a little, but I've been thinking and I really like the idea of continuing into MINERVA: Metastasis, and having Jack and Minerva develop a bit of a love-hate relationship. Here's a link to the trailer for season 2 if you wanna check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6wMKPIlrCk
  9. Now I'm worried you're getting a vibe of undue pressure from me, I'm just throwing ideas about here! Don't sweat it... Yeah, the "Galloway's Mind" wasn't too big of a thing for me, since I don't think you can shut the hud off in Undying, and that would probably break the immersion a little, but I've been thinking and I really like the idea of continuing into MINERVA: Metastasis, and having Jack and Minerva develop a bit of a love-hate relationship.
  10. It's your time and effort, I know all too well how these sorts of side-projects take an absolute age to muster. It's best to direct your concerted interest to something you actually care about. I've barely begun watching Sohn's Mind as it is, so the prospect of no reboot isn't exactly problematic. I wish you luck with whatever you do next! I may not be able to do an Undying series, since I can't find a copy of Undying that isn't around $60. I am possibly gonna either continue Sohn's Mind into the HL2 mod MINERVA, or I'll make it a completely seperate mind series, but who knows...
  11. I just watched the first three episodes of Sohn's Mind, I really enjoyed what I've seen so far. I'm beginning to appreciate his dejected Southern drawl in contrast to Freeman's more bipolar voice modulation. Oddly enough the bits that made me laugh the most were the noises he made whenever he was fighting aliens or otherwise doing something dangerous, sort half-angry half-scared grunts and utterances - especially at 3:50 in episode two . I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a reboot of the series, if you think it needs one. There was a handful of lines that gave me a chuckle or two. "Are we creating toxic waste like it's butter?" "Electro-xeno-raptors" [/two vortigaunts suddenly appear] "OKAY I ADMIT IT'S NOT THE GREATEST NAME IN THE WORLD!" Well, with his accent, it does help that I actually do have a southern accent. I was gonna set the reboot in Residual Point(The mod where Jack is from. The original is filmed in Residual Life and the later bits of Residual Point.), and was gonna write it so that Jack ends up wearing an HEV suit due to a mix-up, but I'm not sure if I will now, since after watching through the series start to finish(which I have never actually done), I can see a whole lot of comedic moments in there, and I wouldn't wanna possibly ruin it with a reboot in a different mod. My biggest pet peeve in the series is that I didn't actually start enhancing the dialogue and making it sound better until around episode 10-11. Before that, I just recorded raw audio in Sony Vegas, and kept all background noise. I wish I could go back and enhance the audio for the earlier episodes, but I don't have the footage or dialogue anymore. I may actually move on and do the Undying thing now, since I've dropped my idea of rebooting Sohn's Mind and Season 2 will take awhile, since the Source engine doesn't wanna allow me to keep the hud turned off for more than two seconds. It all depends.
  12. I'd definitely watch it. I'm afraid I don't know anything about modding or animating with computer game assets, so my support for the probject will have to remain largely "abstract", sorry about that! On the subject of Mind series, thanks for the link to your own work. I'll have a peep at it later and let you know what I think of it the next time I'm on the forum. Like I said, as long as SOMEONE gets enjoyment out of it, I may do it after I finish Sohn's Mind. I'm planning on making a reboot of Sohn's Mind, since I don't really like how the series turned out at first.
  13. I like it! Making him a self-deprecating American of Irish immigrant descent would potentially be a lot funnier. One the charms of Freeman's Mind is that Gordon's personality didn't mesh well with his contemporaries behaviour and expectations, it' fair to say Freeman is a bit of a nutcase and only results in comedic encounters with NPCs. Given the reasonable amount of conversations Patrick has with the inhabitants of the Covenant estate, I think there would be a good balance of Patrick's irreverent interactions with other characters and his own largely self-contained monologues. As the series went on he might become increasingly half-hearted and despondent of his cultural disconnect "from the homeland." I'll probably have to wait til I finish the mind series I'm in the process of doing(https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZVsVZ6OiVr9F8q5L9V0aDX-y82cIo2Lw), but now that I know that atleast SOMEBODY would possibly like the idea, I may do it as an "in-between" series between Sohn's Mind seasons 1 and 2.
  14. I was thinking about the possibility of doing a mind series in Undying, but I came up with the idea to make Patrick be Southern, but be an Irish citizen and put on an overly horrible Irish/British/Whatever-I-Can-Try accent for the first little bit of the first episode, but then he gives up and talks normally, stating that he wishes he actually had an Irish accent. I could possibly make it somewhat enjoyable, just not sure if people would like me Americanizing the Irish protagonist.
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