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A little app/tool for Twitch QA stuff

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Hi, I've been working on a little thing to maybe make finding questions easier for Ross.

Basically, it's a web application that gives you all stream comments, but makes "questions" bigger.

Questions are identified with a regular expression provided by client. If you don't know what a regexp is, think of it as searching for text. For example, to find comments that have "asd" in them, you would type in exactly that. And to find comments that begin with "===" you would use "^===".

Here's a prototype: http://twitch-qa.herokuapp.com/

"Channel name" is the last part of the stream URL. For example, "rossbroadcast".

Right now it's pretty crude but almost usable. If Ross is interested, I'll continue working on it.

If you've got any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear you out.

P.S. I'm also interesting in making that "database of discussed topics" thing a reality if nobody is working on that.

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