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Supreme Commander Tips

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Missed the stream by that much. But catching up and watching.


Your strategy is solid, and I have taken a few pointers on the game from watching your play.


I am also a fan of SC and wanted to give you (and anyone else looking for some minor help with the game) a few pointers.


1) If you mis-place a structure, and it is not being built yet, you can move it by holding shift and then click and dragging the structure on the map.

2) If you set engineers or sCdr to patrol, they will not only repair, but will gather mass if you are getting low, and aide in building things. This also keeps them out of your sidebar. But if you have a bunch of mass, they will start helping build if they encounter construction, which might drain your resources quikcly, if you were counting on their mass income.

3) You can queue up the upgrades to structures, like the shields

4) You can also upgrade and assign tasks to multiple structures by double clicking on them like units

5) You can have engineers and sCdr helping each other, by right clicking on a unit they will not only follow but aide in whatever the primary is doing (building, reclaiming, repairing, patroling, etc)

6) Much like with the wall, you can drag long lines of structures to create a bunch with only one click

7) Perhaps someone else can direct how, but I know that there is a way that you can have engineers, commanders and sCdr build in a repeating pattern. I can't remember exactly how to do this though.

8) Remember the adjacency bonuses. You had the mass storage around your mass extractors, but by condensing the power generator/shield layout, you can get far more effcient. By completely surrounding something with another (complimentary) structure, you can gain up to a 50% bonus. Either boosting mass generation, or decreasing power consumption.


Supreme Commander is not a new game, but many will likely try it out after watching you. So these tips are for anyone who may be starting out, or to help anyone who wants to get just a little bit better.


Anyone else with any other tips, hints or pointer, please post below!



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