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Civil Protection - Oil's Well

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A few things to note with this episode. Besides fixing the timing of the subtitles to fit the downloadable version, I noticed that at one point the subtitles say "oil shell deposits", which I think should be "oil shale deposits". Also, near the end of the video Dave says that "...your decomposing body puts out less greenhouse gases that your hybrid car!" -That's correctly transcribed in the subtitles, but isn't that kind of a logic flaw? I translated it as "puts out more greenhouse gases" since that seems to make more sense in this context. Or am I just wrong? You tell me.



Fixed my error in the subtitles, so I think oil's well now!


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At 1:41, if you look at the subtitles I supplied on the official video, it does say "oil-shale deposits". Not sure which subtitles you're reading.


At 4:13, Dave does say that "your decomposing corpse puts out less greenhouse gases than your hybrid car". But this isn't an error. He's highlighting the alleged "benefits" of dead people because hybrid cars are more polluting than dead bodies. Use "less greenhouse gases" in your translation and I'll add it to the compendium and submit it for upload to the official video. :D

The Official Accursed Farms Subtitles Compendium: https://goo.gl/aTBvzj


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