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Half life sven co-op

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I'm trying to get a bunch of people together to play through a few levels of the original half life for a youtube video. I'm also trying to get a group of people from this page playing in general and maybe a private server.

You need a copy of half life and sven co-op on steam. I have one other person playing so far and the servers can support a lot of players some servers support as many as 32. I'm thinking we should play on hard mode or have some death matches. there are also a lot of unique game modes as far as I can tell. Who is interested?

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I am :)


I've been having some issues with Sven Coop though, i dont know why always when I open it it acts llike if I were pressing the walk key and I cannot run. It's really annoying. I'd be up for something similar in Synergy as well if you're interested. I downloaded Sven Coop back in the day and got turned off by the public servers, it{d be great to play with some AF peeps.


My steam ID is Luigi2806 just in case :)

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