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Following announcements involving Bioware games...

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So, people are excited because Anthem and Dragon Age 4 trailers/teasers were released, but I'm more worried that this all seems like the calm before the storm because EA will very likely kill BioWare if something goes wrong.


And I'm sorry if people get worked up reading this; I would hate to see BioWare suffer the same fate as Bullfrog, Maxis, et al. But knowing EA's past, it's a real possibility.

Anyone got anything to add, or am I just being paranoid?

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EA buys developers specifically for the IP, not for the devs. They hate the devs. They can't legally murder them, so they push absurd deadlines and game destroying features just to have reason to fire them. (this is a paraphrase of what an ex-EA dev told me a while back, just before he went to work for Blizzard)


Honestly, I couldn't give two shits about BioWare as a group anymore. The devs just need to leave, and do something outside of EA. New IP is better than letting EA destroy them as humans, and milk the fanbase for every last penny. Just like Westwood... Who cares? They went and made Petroglyph when EA killed them. (Star Wars: Empire At War, 8-Bit Armies/Hordes, Forged Battalion, etc.)

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The Bioware I loved is already dead. Nothing lasts forever.

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