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Firefox Plugin Issue

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"Mozilla explains why Firefox add-ons stopped working... and how to fix the problem"



Since late last night, Firefox users have been plagued with a problem that meant no add-ons were working. Extensions were disabled and users were unable to re-enable them, causing confusion and frustrationaround the world.

It turns out that that the reason Firefox add-ons stopped working is that a signing certificate expired. Having determined the cause of the problem, Mozilla has developed a fix for users of the desktop version of Firefox on the Release, Beta and Nightly channels.


The chances are that you won't need to do anything in order to receive the fix as Mozilla is taking the somewhat unusual step of using the Studies system -- usually used to try out new features -- to roll it out. Unless, of course, you happen to have disabled Studies. You can check to see whether you have it enabled by heading to Options > Privacy and looking for the Allow Firefox to install and run studies option. Just check the box if it is not already.


I got an odd feeling something else is going on and will be switching browsers because of this, that's not good having all your plugins get turned off like that.

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Posted (edited)

Nah, it happened before already. Also holy shit YouTube is god awful, I had SEVEN, SEVEN ADS IN A ROW. I didn't actually get to see any of them, I just ended up loading the extension in about:debugging, but good god, the internet is so shit without an Ad Blocker, how do most people not go fucking insane?


Here's proof, to prove that I'm not insane.




I'm pretty sure, this happened a WHOLE bunch of times, way before already.

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Been hearing about that.


Switched to the Brave browser because that has a ad block built in.

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I'm still going on Chrome with no issues... Firefox lost me when they changed the UI, and then started making addons stop working if they weren't designed for the newest version.

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