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Half-Life: Alyx, the newest HL game that's in VR

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i mean... i'm just dissapointed this is VR only, that's all i can say really, and, hell, i was waiting for the source engine 2, since god knows when, and if it's not a giant piece of shit, i might honest to god, give it a shot, like not even joking, if it's open source, as they planned to originally, and if it's easy to use, all other engines on the planet can honestly go die in a pit for all i care


there's something about the hammer editor, which made it insanely accessible for me, and while it was a piece of shit, it was an easy to use piece of shit, there are so many features which are just too convenient to not have, and you can learn to do pretty much anything on your own with hammer if you have enough patience




please be good, please be good, please be good, i don't want to be stuck with the unreal engine anymore




i honest to god, love the way this engine looks


i swear to god, the source engine, is the only engine with an actually good level editor tool, you can do so much stuff with it, so easily, the trigger system is fairly intuitive once you figure out it's bullshit ass quirks, the ease of use does not compare with the unreal engine 4 at all, sometimes you just want shit to work


i'm so excited, i hope this goes somewhere

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Until proven otherwise, I'm calling those gloves of Alyx the Gravity Gun Gloves. Which, a wearable tech like that, plus the new Combine look, among other things makes me think this takes place after HL2: Ep 2. However with the whole "Eli is captured" thing tells us this is before Ep 2 (and presumably even before HL2).


"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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Really digging Dave and Mike's upgraded look, even if glowing eyes are a bit of a cliché. Also very curious to know if Source 2 improves upon the cinematic / machinima tooling any. Looking forward to Civil Protection HD or whatever it's called. 😄

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Ha! I didn't even realize that was Robin Walker until he started talking because of the glasses and beard.

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