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I am a long time fan and game designer with an obscure game release/

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Well, I dont know for how long i've followed Ross... probably more then 10 years now. I've never been active here in the forums, but I was always waiting eagerly for the next videos from him, and while I still had a normal office job as a VR Developer. I used to listen to the videos chats while working on what ever project I was working on. Like every game designer I have my own project on the side and I've been working on some 2.5D retro side scroller shooter for 2 years now. However half an year ago working on an enemy physics I came out with a small fun and hard game mechanic and deviated from the retro shooter and decided to release a small game out of this mechanic, this game Stanga remind me of bip bop and other obscure games I loved. It is a tribute to all those obscure games. I bet everyone who is a fan of Ross likes his stuff for different reasons for me game dungeon is  education and also finally some one is talking about those games I grew up on I loved those obscure games and talks with his imagination like i used to when i was a kid! I was on PC since 89 never was much of a console games up until the ps3 generation. I've played my fare share of obscure games and they trickled down to my game design.


I don't mean to make this post promotional, I just know this community might appreciate a game like this.

having said that I'll be handing out 9 steam keys to this game for the first people who'll message me here.

the 10th is saved for Ross :D.


steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1248670/Stanga/





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Don't usually enjoy playing that kind of game but damn it's relaxing so just watch.

I think you've certainly accomplished the goal you've set out with it.

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