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  1. I did find the bit about the soda companies trying to get into space interesting. Reminded me of what Krytens ship from Red Dwarf was sent out to do. The Nova 5 was to induce a supernova in 128 stars to write "COKE ADDS LIFE" in the stars from Earth along with other ships. Maybe the Rob or Doug was thinking about the fizzy juice companies previous plans.
  2. After joining your forums I've gone back and watched almost all your videos again. I don't know if you managed to get your vocal automation sorted but these may help if you're still working on it. It seems for the quality you want to achieve there's no way around the hard way. The second video does focus on the tools in reaper but there may be equivalents in others that make it much faster like just drawing a line to create the automation. I do recommend trying out some compressors and see if they work for you. My favourite for just clear audio image and complete control is TDR kotelnikov: https://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-kotelnikov/ . And I've still excited about the movie.
  3. Cheers, rewatched this video recently and the last time I played through union city was when it was brand new and I've been wanting to try it in full screen fully supported. Also found that KillahMo has as of 2018 uploaded the full Zombie Panic Source OST to steam music. I do reccomend giving it a listen since not included in the video is my favourite track from it: 'Chapel of Unrest.'
  4. Don't usually enjoy playing that kind of game but damn it's relaxing so just watch. I think you've certainly accomplished the goal you've set out with it.
  5. One of the now resident zoomers on your forums. Tried to find and remember what I was listening to back in high school. While I was listening to stuff further out a left field there was some stuff that I picked up on what was a good gauge of the persons taste. Firstly is DJ Badboy who was a national institution at the time: Then bands like Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, New Order, Muse, Elbow and Foo Fighters were also big: There was also some Avenged Sevenfold and Steel Panther While it was stating a few times earlier in the thread I found Rammestein was actually prominent even at the parties where you would think they'd only play top 40s Since it was just after Rage against the machine got the Christmas No. 1 that I went to high school I managed to find a lot of people heavy into them. While it was accepted they weren't brand new RHCP and David Bowie were still common requests. Around my 4th year in high school a number of Neds started doing a Mod thing so over the course of a few months trackies got switched out for trench coats and you could hear people listening to the Jam and the Clash: - I'm staying at my parents house recently and I could hear some school kids having a party down the street belting out The Jam - Town called Malice about a week ago so it's probably still going on and I have seen more bands live that have definitely been inspired by artists like The Jam and Elvis Costello and the Kinks. My own favourite band at the time and still is Weezer but don't know too many other zoomers heavy into them only one or two I do recommend listening to Pinkerton but their relevance to the greater music movement in the kids is lacking Also me and my siblings favourite album that we could agree on at the time was probably the Command and Conquer soundtrack Nowadays been listening to more and more experimental stuff I find a few people my age who listen to a few of the same local noise bands who do a show at a club atleast once a week and when I hang out with my mates we listen to a lot of jazz, classical and alternative with this being one of the favourites: (If you don't have much time listen to the first 3 tracks to get a good feel for it.) I was able to get a few mates round to see kollaps live when they played in our city To finish this already long post to get a good feel for what some of the kids are listening to I'll go on my spotify and link what some of my other zoomer friends are listening to so I can't offer any explanation. https://open.spotify.com/track/3syQSShS1YWhpkfqREF8EB?si=obl3KmVuTKay_C4Ht7S79A https://open.spotify.com/track/48Q8aSilFlK3c49eDMhwEN?si=4AhhzqQVQW6ynJ3iJyXTZA https://open.spotify.com/track/0UtKdQceib5eNqcCyNIodi?si=xROS0pfpTVeqbdcKUoJbRw https://open.spotify.com/track/3FGxCAbXTpPqvnXrsj7s6W?si=ii_R3a7rT-OYKSc9RKKnrQ Now that I've pasted those I can tell it's not the best sample. However it was the guy listening to the third track that got me into Death Grips.
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