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How did I end up here

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Hello, I begun watching game reviews casually, started off from mandalore, joseph anderson, sseth and others. I consumed their content in a few month and looked for more. I asked on some website for good game reviewers or something and someone recommended Ross's Game Dungeon and tons of others to me. I tried to watch it from the beginning - Tyrian, I checked like half of the video or less and turned it off, my thoughts were: some strange guy make reviews for old games, not really good voice acting - not my thing. Then I am gone to other channels.
I wanted to say that I usually listen to those reviews during work or rest and if it is good - I may even re-watch it. So I consumed those others game reviewers along with a lot of serial movies and begun to look for more stuff. And again I asked advice in the internet - what to watch about games or movies and someone recommended Game Dungeon to me again. Ok, I clicked the link and decided to watch a review about one of the few games I knew from the list - Deus Ex. And boy, what a mistake that was when I turned Game Dungeon off the first time.

Now my browser plays Game Dungeon non-stop for a few months now. I watched each episode from Game Dungeon at least 5 times and at most 15 or 20.

The only big trouble I collided with - I need more of this, not less, more, give me MORE game dungeon series! I am like Bozo, but instead of beer I want to watch myself with Game Dungeon to my end.

More on this later.

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