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Windows 7

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note: the system in question is mostly a placeholder, being an example object. It could be ANY system.

note²: The text was translated from its original language to English using Google Translate.


I was stuck with Windows 10 for some time.
Without the necessary information, there was no way I could get back to Windows 7 and unfortunately getting the information is no easy task. More and more people are preferring to use the new Windows, calling for security, updating and improvement, which makes the information get lost over time due to the intolerance of those who do not understand. Windows 10 is undoubtedly an updated system, but far from being one hundred percent secure. A security system where there are no options to leave is a prison and not a choice. Studying in depth, we can see what the need for this imprisonment is and we soon come to the conclusion that the search is for information. Not just any information, but your information. The problem with large companies is that they look at everything as statistics. However, we know that just like death statistics, each life in those numbers counts, each individual has its importance. So why do we have to be arrested so that our information is stolen just to get more money? Wouldn't that be a kind of slave labor? After all, we are not making any money from this information that is being taken. Our information.

After a disgusting time with Windows 10, I started to wonder if there was really anything else I could do. I could no longer support that system that looks more like a kidnapping letter, made with letters and words cut out of magazines, without a really final and precise version. I researched further and with some luck, managed to install it on my latest machine without many barriers. In contact with Windows 7 again, I soon felt a beautiful sense of freedom and ease that I hadn't felt in a few years. It is as if a Westerner was thrown into an eastern prison, being forced for years to eat with chopsticks. Yes, you would soon learn to use the instrument to survive the famine. But when he managed to escape and return to his country of origin, he would soon look for a fork at his next meal.
That sense of freedom, however, was gradually being absorbed by unanswered questions. What is the point of transforming a team with which you are winning, into a team of Frankesteins, with glued parts and badly made seams? If there was an award for the operating system with the best design, I would have to hand it over to MacOS. I used it little in my searches for alternative systems to Windows 10 and although we didn't get along very well, I kept my mouth open to affection and care that they have with their users, putting protection, updating and consistency as the main point. Of course, they have abusive prices and several other reasons that make me move away from their products, but if there are two things that attract me in a system, it is consistency and functional design. Windows has not only ceased to have both, but it seems to want to hide its past.

Even Windows Vista, despite having been seen as one of the worst versions of Windows, being a competitor equal to ME, had its extremely beautiful design for the time. With its colors, curves and that interesting bar of gadgets. Too bad the system had too many flaws, an unfinished system. What was soon forgotten thanks to the arrival of Windows 7, which brought the improvements that were necessary to Vista, with extra touches, for the better, in its design.

It is with great sadness that I see this system that I used so much in my life to become something hateful, holding a false flag of security, hope and solutions to problems that they created.

At the end of this message, I believe it is important to say that I am not an adult frustrated with technology or with other updates to it. I am in favor of the global update regarding technology and I believe that we are incredibly behind by too much bureaucracy.

My problem is precisely with companies that are realizing how easy it is to profit from the innocence of their consumers, painting stones with gold and selling it as if it were gold. Most of the updating of our technologies needs to be revised, looking at what was left behind and redone, without thinking about the maximum profit but the best for your customers, as it was in the past. Nowadays we hardly have long-lasting tools because the focus is on profit and not on quality.

Take care, you are no longer seen as a customer, but as an accessory

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