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Easy Auto-Subtitles

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I just realized: for Ross's videos with written scripts, 90-100% of the work for subtitles is already done—all that's needed is to go to the YouTube subtitle page, hit Auto-Sync, overwrite the auto-generated subtitles with text from the script, hit done (or save draft), and that's it. YouTube will use its speech detection to time them with correct words and punctuation. That significantly reduces the workload completing them.

Best case scenario, no further work needed. Worst case, a user might need like 15 minutes to remove unused or superfluous text. And if it is the latter and Ross doesn't want rudimentary subtitles on the video,  all he'd need is to download the draft from YouTube after syncing, and share it on the forums to let people finish the work the normal way.



Have a script? You've already got subtitles:
Video Details > Subtitles > ADD/EDIT > Auto-Sync > Paste > Done

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