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Possible Missing Episode?

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So I have for some time now felt that there is an episode missing. I don't remember what it was called specifically the name of the game. however I can describe it and hopefully that will help or not, I could possibly be proven crazy and just be imagining it. So The game was either a 2 and half-d or was a 3-d game but done like the Resident Evil games. It was a post-apocalypses  setting I believe around a thousand years from now. From what I recall the character you play is an important figure in the community he is in and through a series of events that I don't remember the specifics you are becoming a demonic creature and you actions through the game affect the rate of your transformation and example I can remember is using the abilities the demonic transformation give you can affect the rate or transition. I also remember Ross Pointing out that if you aren't careful this can cause you to be unable to complete the game because some individuals won't talk to you or will attack on sight if you are to far progressed in the transformation how ever there where also parts I believe where you need to be more progressed to pass by hostile creatures to avoid attacks by them that will kill you or to be able to use abilities to win fights. It was the typical 90's game difficulty where you have a fine line to travel or you have to reload a save or start over and the game does not tell you any of this. He also went on about how good the soundtrack was eith saying it was very good or absolutely epic. I think he also provid3d a link to download the soundtrack  and I believe it had a 90's era rock vibe about it. Now I did look through my music collection and was unable to find anything that sparked recognition in relation to this game.

If anyone else recalls any of this either the game or the episode please help I feel like I'm losing it here, for all I know it wasn't Ross it may have been someone else's video and was just similar in style to Ross's Game Dungeon.

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Yeah I definitely think you have this confused with someone else's video.


A few of the descriptors apply to some of the games he's covered on their own in some ways, but added up together, this was definitely not a game covered in RGD. Though I'd definitely watch it.

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