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T.O.U - Lost to Time?

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Hey everyone, this is my first post on the AF forum, so if I don't follow some convention please excuse me.

Anyway, this thread is about a game I grew up playing a ton but can't find any info on anymore. I was curious if anyone else knew about it since a Google search hasn't helped me find it.


For reference, I grew up in Germany and was subscribed to a PC Game magazine which, like the many magazines you probably grew up with, came with CDs full of games, be they indie freeware, demos or full retail games. This game that I am looking for was on one of these discs, but judging by its quality it most likely was available as freeware online.


The game I am talking about was called T.O.U, or maybe it was written as TOU since I do not remember it being an acronym for anything.

It was a top-down spaceship game focused on surviving what I remember as meteor or maybe rocket showers that came raining down from the top of the screen every few minutes or so. The idea was that you needed to survive for as long as possible before you inevitably get shot down.  There were a variety of weapons both for shooting down other players, and for building walls that could help you survive from this shower of death.

This is a game that you could play both single player and multiplayer. I used to play it in three-player mode (all on one keyboard) and while the game wanted us to play it competitively (whoever is left standing wins), we'd work together to survive for as long as possible. 


Anyone EVER heard of this? There's nothing on mobygames, nothing came up from Google search... I can't find anything!

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