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The bizarre MMO "Otherland" has now joined the dead game club (2015 - 2021)

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MMOs getting shut down isn't anything new and not even Ross bothers to cover every single one that has its plug pulled, but "Otherland" was something special. Its review score on Steam was "Mixed", so you wouldn't think much of value was lost, but its atmosphere, world and visual design stood way above the other aspects of the game and I think exploring such a world would be right up Ross's alley. But alas, its servers quietly shut down on the 23rd of September, with just a mere discord post from one of the devs as a confirmation and without a single news article mentioning this.


The game was based on the "Otherland" novels by Ted Williams and even though I haven't read them myself, the game followed the source material pretty well from what I've heard. Ironically, the plot is quite meta and is centered around preventing the impending doom of these so-called "virtual worlds" within the game's "real world". I have included a video series covering Otherland from start to finish just months before it shut down forever - this may very well be the most complete documentary/archive we'll ever get of all the hard work that went into this game's world.

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