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Try help me to find a needle in a haystack

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Hey guys,


I'm obsessed at the moment looking for a really old game which I played once or twice when I was young. I played that game at my friend's house. I really liked that game, but my EVIL friend wanted to play Ice Climber. Since it was his home, I had to play that game which I did not liked that much. I wanted to ask for a cassette some time later, but my smooth kid's brain forgot all about it. I have few memories to go by and I searched through half the library of old NES games screenshot by screenshot. It seems to be so obscure to the point that I'm afraid that I might be crazy and had imagined it. I hope that good people here might help to prove me that I'm not crazy after all. 


So, there are very few details about this game. I know one thing for sure. In this game you can summon allies which would help you fight. Back then I was blown away by this technical marvel, because NPC allies were simply unimaginable. You were fighting NPCs, how one of them could help you? This is something which blew my mind away back then and I remember that most clearly.


  • There are other things, we played on NES console, but my friend is not sure if that was the only thing he had back then. 
  • I remember game having a poor graphics even back then. It is more like old Atari 2600 games. I seem to recall a lot of black and white, not much colour if any.
  • I remember it being a top down game, you would start game from a bottom. Not sure about mobility in that game.
  • Game had a military vibe. Like Battle City, you controlled some sort of tank. I can't recall really.
  • I think that there was some point system to summon those allies.
  • You might had fought enemies in stages. It was more like an arena shooter, no story which I can recall, just going from stage to stage.


I had named clues by how sure I remember them. If anyone had seen my needle, please report back to me. I will appreciate a chance to try that game out again and ruin all my fond memories of it. Maybe next we could guess that super cool mech game which I played on arcades too!

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As I have thread all to myself. I want you to help me to find another game. About this I'm even less sure. It is something like Armored core games. I'm not even sure if it isn't one of them.


So, I had played this game when we all had NES to Playstation 1 consoles at our homes. Maybe even more modern consoles were out, but I live in Lithuania and I felt we would often get games and hardware which is slightly dated. I went to arcades and I was blown away by graphics of that game. I would sit in a big chair, cabin. It might had moved a little, I'm not sure.


Game itself would be about you giving the game quarters. If you appeased the machine, you would be allowed to play a game. It was about controlling a mech. It was fighting in an arena versus other computer players. I recall that other players could challenge player sitting in nearby cabin if he knew secret combination or how to read English. I think that game was quite colourful too compared to some brownish games of other mech series. 


What blown me away was mobility in that game. I think you could jump high and stay in the air. You could have an illusion that you are flying around. Fire rockets, guns at the enemy. It felt that you could dodge those attacks, probably you had some sort of lock on too. I do not remember details quite well. The biggest, most solid clue that it was an arcade game (my version had its own cabin, it was semi-closed) where you controlled a big mech and fought in an arena against increasingly difficult opponents. 

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I know this cant be it but what you've just described reminded me of a flash game I used to play sadly I forgot the name of. I know it wasn't endless war or incoming but those are the only names poping into my head sorry I Cant help man.

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