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  1. yea Ill go with that too. or he had been at a card got drunk and passed out at some ones dorm. explains why he only had three shots of vodka for breakfast.
  2. The main reason I'm asking this is I wonder what rosses opinion of movies like evil dead and so forth would be.
  3. one of my favorite games. it was on sale in march for 10$ and I picked it up.
  4. I know this cant be it but what you've just described reminded me of a flash game I used to play sadly I forgot the name of. I know it wasn't endless war or incoming but those are the only names poping into my head sorry I Cant help man.
  5. This is just a question for the fellow fans and to perhaps give ross a idea for another avenue of content.
  6. Still hoping for INFRA to get a review
  7. Someone tell ross about the game "Honey, I joined a CULT" it sounds like a game he wouldnt mind playing
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