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Fixing B&W 2 (Guide)

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So I made a post about this before but I decided to delete it because it wasn't really good. So here's a fix for a guide to fix B&W2.


Disclaimer: I don't know how to make guides, so some parts might be unclear. I'm going to talk about the DVD version of B&W2 so no piracy. But most of the guide still should apply.   (I personally don't care if you pirate it, It can't be bought digitally, so physical copies and piracy are the only ways to get it).

Last thing: I have Windows 8.1, so what works for me might not work for you.



So first Install,  I hope you know how CD-/DVD ROM installation works. Put the folder somewhere, preferably where you can find it. Also name the folder e.g Black and White 2. So it's installed, now what ? Well there's only one thing left. First go into Nvidia Control Panel or what the AMD version's called. Then go into "Manage 3D Settings" then on "Program  Settings" tab. Select the B&W2.exe called white.exe . Scroll down until you see "Vertical Sync" and select ON and apply.


Now there are patches for the game at https://www.bwrealm.com/official-files-patches

But these patches aren't actually needed, you can play B&W2 without them. Get these Patches if you want to. However one time I did install them I couldn't pick stuff up, which is very important.  So install at your own risk.





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