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This seems like a good soundtrack to share here because I almost missed out on it. Even on the soundtrack, each of the 40+ mission themes is kind of drowned out by in-game vocals that are the same each time, so I didn't realize how much effort and energy went into this music before finding an instrumental version.


The most complete instrumental-ish soundtrack I could find is on YouTube. It's called "Patapon 3" but it has songs from the whole series.

Single Video (by Ninjapon):

 Playlist (by Patapon Sfx):


The above only includes the mission themes. I think the whole soundtrack is here.



Each song usually ramps up in the second half, since the first half is how it sounds in-game while the player builds up their combo. Sometimes the second half is a surprise, like Pala Biyappa (50:24 in the first link) or Hey Whazzat (35:42). Or especially Slip Trip Gulp (1:00:55), which turns into a slow, rapturous version of the Can Can?


The Rock covers at the end of the soundtrack are great. Each cover is done in a very different way, and even the quiet first half is replaced by a whole new ensemble, like Bikkura-kotta (12:35 / 1:09:19), Ushishi (18:53 / 1:13:31), and Ponbekedatta (31:30 / 1:21:56).


Here are a few other favorites.

Gyorocchi (0:00) and Hot Hot Hot (2:05). These give a good idea of the first game.

Ole Ole Ole (8:23). I love the call-and-response style of the whole soundtrack. It sounds like it needs a soloist.

Gyorogyoro (14:41). The final boss theme from Patapon 1. The ominous choir of patapons is kind of absurd, but kind of works.

Oofoonfa (23:05).

Pokurimakka (27:17). Wait for the electronic bit.

Donja Lalin (39:54).

Pata Kolassa (52:30). Sort of a darker version of Ooh Datcool, but it goes a little further.

Tum-ta-ta-tum (54:37) and Dottama Gacheen (56:43). Some weird takes on marching songs, with a Halloween twist and a rock twist respectively.

Spin Spin Miss (58:49).

Freakout Rock (1:07:13). The original Freakout is good as well, but I like the extra energy.

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