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Rebels: Prison Escape

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Rebels: Prison Escape, an abandonware video game from 2004 by a Hungarian studio that went bust.

To me it was always a mystery why it wouldn't work. There was little information about the game, no walkthroughs, no fixes, patches or even videos on YouTube except a few cinematics and old amateur footage.



The challenge, if anyone has time and curiousity - figure out if it's possible to go beyond the first level prison. To me both this version and the retail copy I had about 10-14 years ago would crash after finishing the first prison. It produces a crash log but I have no clue whatsoever. It's one of those games that Ross Scott might want to do a video of Game Dungeon considering how cryptic the internet is about this game, but until then...

This is the only game I saw that took the prison thematic seriously and made it work.

It's basically an Isometric RTS/Steath like Commandos or Robin Hood.


Update: By accident I found on some obscure sites the necessary files that include a patch to fix the crash to the second level.


I also uploaded it at Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/games/rebels-prison-escape/downloads/rebels-prison-escape-patch-for-crash-at-the-romero-memorial-second-stage


Here's the game itself because it's only sold second hand these days:




Edit the rebels.cfg file by changing the 'checkvideo=#' entry to 'checkvideo=6'. Save the changes and you can start on any level.


The game has a good soundtrack and there's recently some more stuff posted about it online.




I have posted the patch to make the game completeable as well as trainers and save files for the game that I found online after a lot of searching.


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