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Veil of Darkness Script? Creating a D&D campaign, could use some help.

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Hello there, I'm MrZega and I've been a fan of Ross since the early days of Freeman's Mind.


I love the Game Dungeon and the Veil of Darkness episode is one of my favorites, maybe even the top for me. So I'm making a D&D Campaign based around the VoD story. I've been doing a lot of work on it for a while now, I'm even making a map of the overworld, the valley. I'd be happy to share the map here when it's done if anyone is interested. 

The setting is very similar to an existing D&D campaign setting: The Curse of Strahd, so the planning for it has been simple enough and It's different enough to be engaging. I'm having to make several changes to fit the D&D world, but the structure is the same. I'm excited to put players in this world to shape the story in their own way, but I'm running into a wall...


Writing this campaign requires me to watch playthroughs on youtube while I frequently pause to write down dialogue and notes. 

You can imagine this takes time, and if I ever need to go back then I'm losing even more time. I can't even work on the actual campaign when I have to get words copied and notes taken down about the story/setting.


I've tried looking for a script or a text file of all the characters lines but I'm only finding walkthroughs that are in prophecy format like what Ross used to beat the game. Playing this to get the dialogue isn't any faster since I would need to get the game while trying to write things down.

I'm on one monitor because of space limit.


The video walkthroughs have been the most efficient resource but having everything in a searchable text format is the dream.

I understand if nobody is able to help me with this. I don't even know if what I'm trying to get even exists.

I don't know anything about getting into game files.

I don't know shit really. I just know D&D.


But I also know this community has some wizards in it capable of some incredible feats.

I made an account because I figured if anyone could help me with this specific task it would be Ross's community. 

So guys, as the most qualified people on the internet to answer this question...


What do?

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best I can do is refer you to a subtitles file our community has created, it won't include the entire game, just the parts ross showed on screen

Burn the World!

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