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@Ross Scott what the fuck. Can't find Homeworld tagged as strategy, but this soulless rip off has a place on the pedestal.


I mean it looks just like Karos Graveyard







"You don't get to bring friends."

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9 minutes ago, RaTcHeT302 said:

mh? i can't find homeworld in the list - or do you mean, that the game was not there in the first place?

Yeah I don't think it's there. Probably an oversight, since I spy a bunch of Homeworld *clones* fattening up the list. 


To me, HW is like the movie Blade Runner. Some people love it, some people are indifferent; there's bunch of different versions, and there is a sizeable community that holds it up to the point of near spiritual reverence.  

"You don't get to bring friends."

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