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As of this review, it's still unfinished and plagued with technical problems but I still feel like recommending it.

A must have for the gun inclined, but skip it if you don't have a buddy or two to watch your back because this game and the players who live inside it are pure evil, I'm sure if they could they would visit you in real life and rob you.

Ambushes from heavily geared players, exit campers, close quarters panic firing and long distance snipers give this game some of the most tense combat I have ever had in a multiplayer shooter, which is amplified by all the expensive gear you can lose if you die.


This game is not for the faint of heart, you are never safe.



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So I haven't personally played Tarkov (yet...), but have watched a number of streamers / youtubers who play it, and I have to say that this looks like a must play for anyone that is into realistic shooters and gunplay. The soundscape is AWESOME. That said, what has prevented me from playing it (other than not being able to run it on my old computer and having only recently upgraded) was the fact that I don't really know anyone else that would be interested in playing it. From what I can tell, the learning curve is fairly steep, particularly when it comes to map knowledge. Additionally, it is fairly unforgiving. That said, you're never really totally screwed if you die multiple times at the beginning and lose everything, since you can also play as a 'scav' character in between in order to get loot so you can sell (or use) for your main character, without having to worry about losing any of your own stuff. I think that this kind of gameplay and experience / tension is best had with a buddy though, and I know I'll get around to playing it at some point. I think one just has to approach Tarkov with the mindset that you ARE going to die, A LOT, and to not get too phased by it.


One thing to keep in mind though is since it is still in early access, the servers are 'wiped' every so often, resetting all of your gear, experience, etc., putting everyone back on the same level. Some people hate it but others enjoy the refresh and getting to experience the early game over again. I believe this is something that won't occur once the full game releases.

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From what I've heard, this game has an offline mode where you can even turn off NPCs to just explore the areas -- which might be the kind of thing Ross is into. The game is expected to be on Steam upon release, so perhaps one day it might become pretty cheap.

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