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  1. Just parroting the comment above, it's first class in the exploration genre.
  2. I mean if we're also talking about traditional games with VR support and not just mods like Obduction, I can vouch for these. House of the Dying Sun Subnautica Redout Thumper Distance Overload Be warned though, I suffer from zero VR sickness so I can't comment on how much actual humans will enjoy them, maybe all that metal dried up the fluid in my inner ear.
  3. As of this review, it's still unfinished and plagued with technical problems but I still feel like recommending it. A must have for the gun inclined, but skip it if you don't have a buddy or two to watch your back because this game and the players who live inside it are pure evil, I'm sure if they could they would visit you in real life and rob you. Ambushes from heavily geared players, exit campers, close quarters panic firing and long distance snipers give this game some of the most tense combat I have ever had in a multiplayer shooter, which is amplified by all the expensive gear you can lose if you die. This game is not for the faint of heart, you are never safe.
  4. Highly recommended, biggest problem is the environments can be a little generic. This is a few trees and buildings away from a masterpiece in my opinion, VR recommended. Game goes on sale for a significant discount pretty regularly, so wait for one of those.
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