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  1. Regarding monitors, another reason "competitive players" wouldn't want to go ultrawide is some modern games cap out your FOV horizontally. In other words, your view will end up more zoomed in, than it is on 16:9, and you will have chunks of the screen missing.
  2. Just a heads up: in monthly videochats playlist this video got added on the wrong end of playlist, which might screw playback order of future videochats.
  3. Nuclear Throne (2015), by Jukio Kallio (Kozilek). Bandcamp, YTmusic.
  4. Command & Conquer Remastered - Bonus tracks. The album can be found as "Celebrating 25 Years of Command & Conquer" (see Spotify, YoutubeMusic). Even though these bonus tracks are labeled "Remastered", they aren't THE actual remasters -- more like fan-service covers, with more liberty to used instruments. The interesting part is, this album features a few reworked tracks from other C&C games as well. Here's a couple:
  5. Raid: World War II. Everyone apparently hated it (it's rated 51% on steam). And while I understand the criticism when it was sold for $40, now having the benefit of waiting out I got it for mere $1.50 and actually had a lot of fun. It kept me busy the first 15-20 hours and was one of those rare games that made me feel upset when I had to go sleep instead of grinding it all night.
  6. KILLING FLOOR 2 (additional tracks) I know this OST has been mentioned a few times already, but the game keeps on getting updated with newer music added. Here's a playlist with tracks from seasonal events, most of which was composed for the game, as opposed to using existing licensed tracks in the past.
  7. Regarding Dark Souls versions, it's better to stick with Remastered one -- because they've actually fixed dreadful framerate in some areas (including notorious Blighttown).
  8. I have a mouse made out of smooth glossy plastic, and that sucker collects dirt so frequently that I have to wash it every few hours(!). Been a while since I used regular mice and been wondering if a mouse with patterned texture wouldn't have that issue. Thanks
  9. From what I've heard, this game has an offline mode where you can even turn off NPCs to just explore the areas -- which might be the kind of thing Ross is into. The game is expected to be on Steam upon release, so perhaps one day it might become pretty cheap.
  10. Don't take this the wrong way but I'm hoping the rest of the series gets slower paced with much less shouting and complaining.
  11. The game might not be Ross's cup of tea actually. It's pretty grindy; as of now at least. There really isn't much to do besides progression: as in leveling characters, attempting more difficult missions, etcetera. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad game, it just tries to appeal a specific audience -- I believe players of something like Wow or Warframe will love this sort of thing.
  12. Hitman: Blood Money OST (2006), "Vegas" by Jesper Kyd.
  13. "DUSK" (2018). Here are the samples of the OST: The album is available on steam and on composer's website.
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