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Started playing this after seeing it on the list and as of writing this, I'm about 70% through the campaign.

It's a RTS / RPG combo based on the WC3 mechanics but with a much higher unit limit.

(this was achieved by making all the common units 2D isometric and only the main units were rendered in full 3D, still looks rather good for the time).

My main impressions so far are:

  1. Cliche but nice campaign story.(undead attack, scenario 4 or 5 reveals that you need to get a mcguffin to defeat them, you then get mcguffin just to find out it is missing pieces that were spread across civs so you need to go get them from each civ)
  2. Started a bit harsh, but now enjoying the gameplay.
  3. Maybe I'm just a bad RTSer but it's just hard for me to keep up with the AIs constant "zerg" rush.
  4. It has a one track soundtrack kept on a repeat loop, a bit reminiscent of greensleeves.
  5. It has very shoddy UI (some clicks don't register, confirming an attack order is right click but confirming a spell cast is left click and cancelling it is right click, no way of cancelling unit selection other than by it dying or by selecting a different unit). On the bright side queuing orders even with magic works well.
  6. Serious over acting by the main voice actor makes the story line more funny than serious (he keeps yelling at everyone at the flip of a hat and dissing everyone's opinion, from the commanding officer to the elder druids he needs help from).
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Burn the World!

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I honestly broke off the campaign after a while. The RPG-aspect was kind of interesting, but once I decided to break it off and move on to skirmish and just focus on the RTS-side of things, I started to enjoy it a lot more. I think the faction and unit design is among the most interesting and diverese I have seen so far. My only real complaint about it is, that the Mechanicians (Dwarves) and the Cryolytes could have needed a bit more choice in terms of units. Mostly because both Elves and Undead have a lot of choice in that respect. Maybe too much. I think some of the units may be a bit redundant. Overall a lot of fun though: Almost Fantasy-"Total War" in RTS-form.

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