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Lichdom: Battlemage

Ross's Notes: Good atmosphere, but the combat feels like a chore; I want to like this game, but it was more frustrating than fun for me.


Genre: RPG

Ross's rating: Love/Hate

Link to game: https://af.gog.com/game/lichdom_battlemage

Free to play: No

GaaS: No

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I'm really not a fan of the Diablo like loot system. The spell variety is lacking, you really only have 2 kinds of spells: Damage and debuff. Also the crafting system, because you have to craft the spells you use, is an absolute mess.

I've seen good reviews for this game so maybe I'm in the minority but I found this game so bad I couldn't even finish it. The story didn't grab me either. 

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I remember enjoying this one enough to go through it. But i also remember it did take a few tries and experimentation until i found a tactic that not only worked but i enjoyed. Which i will consider luck since the loot drops are random and as the other comment mentions the crafting is a bit messy. Oh and one note is that you only start with fire and ice but as you play you get to choose which elements to unlock and there are a few. They have some interesting elements while other seem just cosmetic. I mention this because i have a fascination with necromancy in gaming and this one allows you to use necromancy. So for me most fights ended with me turning pretty much all mobs into minions, while you could only retain 3 minions between fights. During a fight i saw no limit on minions. So boss fights for me ended up me focusing on adds and turning them into my minions which i enjoyed very much.

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I was quite turned off by the constant shift-holding to see additional info, the tiny script in which it is depicted and the many many - mostly unexplained - numbers that the game shows for spell components. The game is very unhelpful in introducing almost anything about the system. I also feel like the way in which the information is somewhat messily portrayed as a mix of text and numbers in a way where each bit of info is not clearly delimited, is also a problem.


However, not paying too much attention to all the numbers and focusing more on functionality has helped me enjoy it more. As Chris points out, some of the Sigils that get introduced after a while also make things more interesting. I have only played a few hours and I'm currently messing around with Delirium and Corruption (on top of Fire), which is quite interesting.

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