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  1. I absolutely loved this game, it genuinely makes you feel like an animal scared for your life. Every new thing could be a threat, you are constantly in need of food and shelter and you don't understand what is really going on. I love when a game has vision instead of committee enforced guidelines and accessibility concerns. I think Rain World is best experienced as blind as possible, but the game is purposely brutal and a bit obtuse so personal discretion is advised.
  2. I don't think I've ever found myself wanting to like a game so much yet being unable to. I love everything about this game but the f2p mechanics ruin it. This game has received a lot of updates since I last played it and is still getting more as far as I know, but I personally don't have any hope left for it.
  3. It's a boring, generic movie about a tortured artist, but the file is corrupted so you gotta hold the w key to keep it playing.
  4. I finished this game and I don't know exactly how I feel about it. I think space games are not for me, unless it's like an RTS or something. All I want to say is that I found the story interesting, the galaxy is very pretty and most missions are kinda repetitive.
  5. It's a very competent adventure game. I liked the setting and the story a lot and the puzzles made sense. It's also part of the sub-genre of cyberpunk that focuses more on bio-technology so that's neat. I personally feel mildly uncomfortable about the idea of meaty computers, but that only makes the concept more interesting.
  6. Nice environments and great story, but awful controls. I have mixed feelings about the puzzles.
  7. It's a Syndicate clone, which is great since we are never going to get an actual Syndicate game as long as EA owns the IP. Supposedly you can play the game in diverse ways thanks to the different classes, but I found the most effective way to progress is to kill everything in sight. I'm personally OK with that, I like stealing blueprints from a rival corporation so I can build a plasma minigun with my team of rogue scientists and I don't want that to go to waste. The story is a mess, it's not bad but you have to hack a bunch of optional terminals and then piece together the out of order e-mails and news articles to understand what's actually going on. Otherwise you are just morally ambiguous goons trying to rob singularity level technology for profit, that works for me. I know some people have had technical problems, but it runs fine on my machine, maybe they have patched the game or I'm just lucky.
  8. It's a first person adventure game, the graphics are nice but I admit I'm biased towards pre-rendered graphics. I liked the story, very suspenseful.
  9. A horror game about greed. As someone with experience in the financial sector, I think the writing is not nearly as insidious and angst inducing as it could've been.
  10. I really like this game for reasons I can't really mention without going into spoilers. I see The Void as a work of art that makes good use of the medium strengths, but because of it's unforgiving and cryptic nature will forever remain a niche title. A word of advice: Save often, practice the glyphs and don't believe everything you hear.
  11. I'm really not a fan of the Diablo like loot system. The spell variety is lacking, you really only have 2 kinds of spells: Damage and debuff. Also the crafting system, because you have to craft the spells you use, is an absolute mess. I've seen good reviews for this game so maybe I'm in the minority but I found this game so bad I couldn't even finish it. The story didn't grab me either.
  12. Castlevania inspired action platformer. Some backtracking is necessary if you want all the upgrades. Reminded me of Berserk a little bit. Aesthetically I mean. The same developer also made "Oniken" which is also good but gives me more of a Ninja Gaiden vibe.
  13. A solid linear side scroller with a rather mundane and relatable plot. Also good music.
  14. Pretty much a walking simulator, but all you have is a map, a compass and a rather large area to explore with unfavorable weather conditions so it's easy to get lost. I personally find the feeling of being lost scarier than ghosts so it worked for me. However technical performance is kind of poor even though I meet the requirements listed on the steam store page.
  15. Why does this even exist? If you are into creative writing you are better off buying a notepad and a pen.
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