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  1. Bad gameplay, interesting writing (it's The Dark Eye setting after all) and clearly unfinished. Also, your sister in this game is probably one of the creepiest females in video game history.
  2. Pretty good if you like bluegrass. I like the fact that you sometimes find an island full of wolves at night and you get a genuine desire to haul ass out of there. The traps are fun too, hunting a bear requires a Goldberg Machine.
  3. I liked it, you can dismember people to salvage their stuff. Also, the plot is that Amazon accidentally invented a cosmic horror which I find very realistic. Combat has improved since Lord of The Fallen, but it's still mostly centered about stunlocking people to death. Still had fun though. I was born in a prison with no hope of escape
  4. The best CRPG since Fallout 2 and I can't believe it was made by like 6 Serbians, god bless them. Some people complain it's too hard, but that's because this isn't a generic Bioware, Obsidian or Bethesda RPG where enemy strength is tailored to the player and it's possible to skip half the game with speech checks. In Underrail you have to assume that some people can't be reasoned with and some horrors are just there to eat you so you should gear up accordingly. If your build is garbage you are gonna get mauled to death by radioactive dogs in the junkyard, alternatively, if you survive the death dogs then you are probably good for the rest of the game. That's the early game bottleneck to test crappy builds and you can always rely on other people if you don't like creating your own characters. I personally just went with automatic rifles and heavy armor for my first playthrough and I had no issues. I also never got tired of reading random dialogue from NPCs, they aren't like your typical wikipedia lore dumps you find in so many western RPGs and actually say things that feel believable. Like the hobos in the ghetto actually feel like authentic hobos, awesome. The story and setting are neat too, the tunnels are inhabited by fully fledged societies instead of living in the garbage 200 years after the apocalypse like in Bethesda's Fallout. You can also choose to gain exp by exploring and digging through the garbage instead of murder so that's another plus for me, I dislike how in many RPGs you are incentivized to practically drive entire species to extinction in order to become stronger because all that does is encourage people to brute force their way through games instead of using their brains. Combat is fun regardless because it uses time units like in X-COM so there's a lot of freedom regarding murder. There are also some issues with this game such as excessive backtracking, but I don't care, Underrail resonates with my lizard brain and I want more.
  5. It looks like a Diablo clone, but it plays more like a twin stick game and manually dodging is crucial and so this title is best played with a controller. There's also the exposure mechanic that's in place as a passive debuff in many levels, but honestly I didn't pay much attention to it, I believe it's very manageable as long as you don't just go full heavy armor without any movement speed bonuses. Overall I found Vikings: Wolves of Midgard to be rather generic, but very fun to play. I'll probably just forget about it one day, but it was fun while it lasted.
  6. It's a board game with bamham combat. It works well, although the later levels are a bit frustrating because you get bombarded with negative random events, but I may just be unlucky. I enjoyed it, but I have conflicting feelings about it, every individual aspect of the game is rather underwhelming, but combined they are much better. I can't quite describe it.
  7. It's Homeworld without 3D space maneuvering, that's kinda disappointing, but I liked the campaign anyways and land carriers are cool despite being a dumb concept. I appreciate the feeling of going on a journey though hostile territory.
  8. Kinda repetitive and unpolished, although I'm probably wrong because I know the game has been updated since I last played it. I think it would be fun in multiplayer, but so are most things.
  9. Great concept, but kinda boring because it's easy to trick the AI.
  10. It's a competent RTS, but I hate how braindead the gameplay is, there's not even an attack ground command for artillery.
  11. A shooter with unconventional enemies where you help ghosts find peace in the afterlife. I think it's good for what it tries to accomplish and it's a short game anyways, I did everything in less than 10 hours save for the kill X enemies achievements because that's pure grinding.
  12. Who doesn't wanna play as a mercenary pilot in a completely destructible city while synthwave plays in the background? and not only that, but you also have a fleet of pilots to choose from and an army's worth of mechs, tanks and weaponized family cars to choose from. I play this game every once is a while because they add new story missions every once in a while.
  13. 2D cyberpunk hacker girl fights bad guys and uncovers a mystery, or doesn't. It's messed up stuff and I loved it. I guess the gameplay is kind of limited, but it's completely serviceable.
  14. One of the best modern adventure games I've played. As the story develops you get that sensation that you are delving into stuff you were better off not knowing about. There's also some stuff about the protagonist's personal life I found hard to care about by comparison. The puzzles are good.
  15. This game would be much better if it didn't have a narrator who spoils all the mystery.
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