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Released June 20th. What happens, when you take Max Payne,  parkour and bananas? You get this. Pretty fun game and rather challenging one at that, the enemies want you to die at all costs, even if many of them are just model swaps of previous ones. Has a really good line up of weapons, though sadly, various weapons are not mainly present in later stages in terms of ammo, you just use one gun, get new one and then not get ammo for the last one, making you feel like Oliver Twist wanting more food. Really nice techno/metal soundtrack, especially the last stage of the first zone. To me, this is a one and done deal, since there is no bonus content and ranks are worthless.

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It starts off okay, but it never really takes off, but then it just sorta drags on into these really obnoxiously unfun levels, and the humour is just, really generic, like you fight nerds at one point, in a lame sewer level, and it just got really tedious at that point, the enemies start to become really bullet spongie, and the slow motion just stops being fun.


Where the slow motion in Max Payne, always helped you, in this one, if anything it might actually hinder you.


It's cool to shoot a frying pan in the air, while on a skateboard, but the level design is so damn mediocre, it just starts to get really twisted for no reason, it becomes overly complicated, and honestly I just didn't have that much fun with the game, it didn't really feel like it wanted me to have fun later on.


I don't know, there's also this really dumb level where you hallucinate, the platforms dissapear from under your feet, and it's just a really boring, filler level, it was pretty much the worst thing I had ever experienced in the whole game, and it just kept going downhill for me.


This game tries too hard to be an action platformer, when it should've been just an action game, the platforming sucks absolute ass, and it drags down a game with potentially good ideas. I think this is mostly a bad game, the level design cripples it completely. Slow motion and bananas won't save this one for me.

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