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  1. The game has already been released, but as of now, it has a 1-year exclusivity on Epic Games Store. A very good run n' gun, about bounty hunters dealing with various criminals, with loads of guns to pick from and other stuff you'd expect from these types of games. Surprisingly good VA, too. I am certainly interested in what the devs will make next.
  2. A surprisingly well done 2D Soulsborne game, with some obvious reference to these games in its locales and bosses. It might be one of the easier games of this genre, but you shouldn't sneeze at it, it will still kick you in the teeth, read the patterns and dodge always. After all, the developer made IWBTG fangames and parodies of CAVE's DoDonPachi and Ketsui games, which are on their website: marhite.tistory.com.
  3. NES Contra-like at its finest here. Pretty imaginative designs of the enemies, especially bosses, great VRC7(?) music, guns with secondary fires, customizable character colors and best of all, saves. You really should get this, it's pretty cheap, too.
  4. Released June 20th. What happens, when you take Max Payne, parkour and bananas? You get this. Pretty fun game and rather challenging one at that, the enemies want you to die at all costs, even if many of them are just model swaps of previous ones. Has a really good line up of weapons, though sadly, various weapons are not mainly present in later stages in terms of ammo, you just use one gun, get new one and then not get ammo for the last one, making you feel like Oliver Twist wanting more food. Really nice techno/metal soundtrack, especially the last stage of the first zone. To me, this is a one and done deal, since there is no bonus content and ranks are worthless.
  5. With this being based on the amazing Doom mod, you'd expect this to be good. Unfortunately, that's not the case. It's a really dull Killing Floor, with nothing that made the original so great (aside from some of the really cheap encounters, those can flip right off).
  6. Giant homage to Ghosts 'n Goblins with loads of spanish mythology sparkled on top make for a challenging game, that's still fair. The only draw back might be the ending stipulations, because you need to collect 5 hidden tear crystals, so you can get to the final level. The legendary hero ending has other stipulations, but those aren't mandatory, thankfully. You can also get the free version, which doesn't have two new stages and save system, over at Locomalito's website. Be prepared to die a lot.
  7. It actually was already released on July 11th, you might want to update the release date. Anyways, the Contra we wanted, but Konami won't give us. Really nice arcade like pixel-art, really tight play styles (yes, there is more, you'll see), bitching Arcade/Genesis-like soundtrack and great bosses for you to shoot 'till they die. Sadly, it's quite short, but it adds a lot of replay value with achievements and unlocks after beating the game for the first time.
  8. Ah, the classic example of making 2D stuff in 3D work. Really cool graphics, decent voice acting from the main character, really good soundtrack and multiple ending along with Dead Of Winter "DLC" and various bonus stuff (see original website, mainly the zombie map), it makes for a really enjoyable time, even if on all difficulties it feels a bit easy (then again, I've played this over and over for almost 4 years).
  9. This game has some really good art and it even makes you think about your life, your memories and so on. The game can be beaten under an hour, so if you felt like it was too short (doesn't have a lot of replay value), then go refund it, I won't judge. Though obviously, this is meant to be a beginning, so it's to be expected.
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