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This game's pretty cool if you can get it running. It's kind of like Jedi Knight, except the force powers are replaced with jesus powers. It's about as good as any FPS from that era, by which I mean play on easy because it can be ridiculously unfair sometimes.

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Just completed this game.

I've played better fps games, but it's certainly ok. This game has annoying hit-scan enemies, frustrating enemy placement, clunky movement & bad audio. There are many annoying quirks. You're an angel that even gets a flying jump power, but your fall damage is pathetically severe for a shooter like this. Switching powers is clunky in the heat of battle.

Much of the story and dialogue is also quite simplistic and ridiculous, and to top the negativity off there is a cursor bug thing that makes the game minimize and maximize when accessing the menu and loading between levels (running on windows 10 at least)

But the gist of the game is pretty interesting I suppose. Having a angel/demon flavor in a shooter is certainly fresh and many angelic powers are quite fun. You unlock a good amount of options to play with. It's a game that deserved a sequel to improve on the good elements it has.

Yelp review conclusion: average

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