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  1. Recommended if you can get past the tough difficulty curve (and the fact that the difficulty curve involves figuring out what youre even meant to be doing)
  2. I don't know who FGTV are specifically. I'm assuming they're youtubers or twitch streamers, but they're one of a billion who have showcased this game (past tense, I figure most have retreated back to the safe pastures of minecraft and fortnite by now) That being said I really don't know if kids should be watching/playing this game either. I mean plot-wise it's about child abduction and being locked in some weird guy's basement. There are references to the deaths of children. I honestly don't know who this game is for, but it struck some kind of nerve briefly.
  3. I heard that this game was ditched by its developers. It seems likely that it will be in "early access" until the sun burns out
  4. It works as a "bad movie" experience, but even then you gotta play through a bad game parts to get to the campy movie parts. As a non-ironic piece of entertainment, it's dire.
  5. I bought this on Steam for a couple bucks a few years ago. I couldn't get the controls to work properly and it didn't seem very worth it to keep trying.
  6. This game's pretty cool if you can get it running. It's kind of like Jedi Knight, except the force powers are replaced with jesus powers. It's about as good as any FPS from that era, by which I mean play on easy because it can be ridiculously unfair sometimes.
  7. I never managed to get past the first level. And it wasn't because the first level was difficult. I had no idea there was a PC version. In fact I'm still not sure that there really is.
  8. By looking at it, it seems like it might secretly be a cool game that everybody passed by. Nope, it's just junk.
  9. This is a pretty good candidate for a game dungeon episode, although I don't think it runs on Windows 10. It's a cheapo Russian knockoff of Fallout. Not terrible, but there are so many better alternatives out there for anyone looking to have a good time. If you want to have a weird time, though, Planet Alcatraz is a good one.
  10. I've been playing a lot of Quake map packs recently. This is far and away the best I've seen. This is to the point that I'd say this free mod is hands down a better experience than similar indie games you have to pay for like DUSK and Amid Evil... and I like Dusk and Amid Evil! Not ALL of the maps are home runs, but some of them are. And the ones that aren't are still good. The link here points to version 1.5. That's an old version. As of the time I'm writing this, 1.7 is the lastest one. I think the difference is the addition of completely new maps, so be sure to download the right one.
  11. Unless you're a Twitch streamer whose audience is mostly young kids, this is totally not worth your time. It's a barely functional series of (intentionally?) obtuse non-puzzles. Seems kind of like it was thrown together really quickly.
  12. I love Ultima Underworld, but I've heard that this is a complete trainwreck.
  13. The level up system isn't balanced (magic was completely useless) but it's pretty fun.
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