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For anyone looking at this and seeing that it's only on Epic, I fully understand your skepticism or disappointment. I didn't even buy this on principle, I had to be gifted it before I finally decided to play it.

What's the verdict? It's fantastic. Easily the single best game I've played based around building interconnected machines that capitalize on resources and industrialize everything. Fans of Factorio should seriously consider checking this game out. You don't get punished for destroying buildings (you get all your resources back 1:1) and the game is full of polish and QoL despite being in development. The developers could very easily get away with marketing this game as a finished product, and most developers probably would. But instead they are intent on delivering more and more content and features. It blows my mind.

I've never had a game where I consistently forgot it was still in development, because it's just built so well and excellently optimized. It's shockingly stable, and tons of content and depth have kept me playing for dozens of hours with friends. Singleplayer or multiplayer, it's an excellent experience. Even if you're not super into building, the exploration gives you an incredibly vast and gorgeous alien landscape for you to wander around. Mineral intrigue, dangerous fauna, and secrets await you if you would prefer to just explore.

Again, I'll fully understand if you refuse because it's on Epic. It'll come out on other platforms later, but it can't just yet. Definitely keep your eye on it if you don't want to buy it right now. I can respect that.

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On 12/30/2019 at 3:56 AM, utraff said:

For anyone looking at this and seeing that it's only on Epic, 

The game is no longer exclusive to the Epic Games Launcher, so feel free to get it on steam. If you wish to play with your buddies who own it on Epic, you can log in with your own Epic account to play with them.

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It's odd but this is one of the only 3D sandbox games that I wish had a procedurally generated map. While very nice to look at it absolutely kills any replayability since you'll know where every resource vein will located every time you hit New Game. I'd say play Factorio instead. 

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