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  1. I always had an appeal to this and the other postal games, over the years i gave it a try here and there but never really sat down and played it through. Then after watching "civvie 11" do his "pro" play through of the game i knew i had to step back and treat that game more for what it was not compare it to others. It is simple, glitch y, but for the most part works well and has some very cynical, dark humor that needs to be looked at with a grain of salt. The world of "postal" is a world worth exploring even broken aspect seems to work for the better (aside from rare crashes). Having a game glitch so you GIB someone when you didn't intend it to be more then a kick is the kind of experience that is lost in modern games. There are flaws there are problems but nothing about the game makes it unplayable, and no matter how you want to play it, you are never limited by what the game wants you to do. A rare example of a quality game made without quality parts, but still made to work competently.
  2. I have had this game for many years. i find its reliable if i want to jump into a simple doom2 mod style game. It is very bare bones but has a small rouge-like aspect. You can get many upgrades and advances to be more effective, use less ammo, move faster, reload faster, get life back with melee... the list goes on quite extensively. It is very simple not complex but can always be played on the fly and should provide that fun challenge if its what you are looking for.
  3. This is a game i keep looking back to, i badly want to like it and i love the concept. My fear is that with games like "enter the gungeon" and "binding of isaac" i get the feeling anytime i look at buying this game that it might be too limited or not live up to what i have enjoyed in recent years with this style of game. It is different play perspective which may be better or worse. But i just never want to take the chance that i wont enjoy it like others like it.
  4. This game seems appealing and considering my profound love for old shooters like "doom" and "quake" and alike, i find myself turned off to this game slightly. i have recently with the help of "civvie 11" and his you tube channel; have gotten into a lot of retro style FPS games made in recent years. But something about t his game to me gives the impression it is trying way too hard to be "doom 2016" with a mid of "brutal doom". I could be completely wrong as i have not played it myself, it is just a worry i get anytime i think about buying this.
  5. On the surface feels simple but can be quite hard, very interactive and in my opinion quite creative use of its seemingly "small" map sizes. This is another i have been playing on and off for many years now, have taken a break from the recent updates. My hopes are to come back to a far more complete, fleshed out game (when i played it had 2 floors and limited classes). But has had many updates and regularly still gets attention. It seems like a game that would be far more enjoyable with friends who understand whats involved. But even chaos can work out.
  6. This is heavily nostalgic. I personally haven't played this new remake of it but i have had people who are quite critical of remakes, say it was great and quite enjoyable. Very much a strong emphasis on remaining true to what you remember about the first.
  7. This is a great little base-building game set in space. It has some good depth and a lot to explore , learn, and discover for yourself. Once i have a new PC build i plan to revisit this game now that it is far more complete. There is an end goal tho you can likely play it for years and never look for it.
  8. I have been playing this game on-going for many years now, i take a break for some time and go back into it when i notice a new update. Tho in recent times i found i haven't jumped back into the game as often due to repetitive nature. But i assume that's part my own fault for playing alone. i can imagine the game is far more enjoyable with others. But if you do intend to progress there is a lot of repeating of stages to advance in difficulty, last time i played.
  9. This is very enjoyable for anyone obsessed with logistics or automation. It looks amazing and has a lot of support and progress you can make. I unfortunately feel i need to wait for a more complete game as well as for better hardware for myself to run it without fear of setting my PC on fire. I have very few negatives but i would have to agree that having one map can drain from any replay ability, tho replaying to make a more logically sound assembly facility has its appeal to.
  10. I have had this game for some time, sadly my PC is not that great anymore until i do a new build. I love so many aspects of this game, it reminded me, again, of a "just survive" style game but a bit more heavy on the realism. It has a lot of small details that make it stand out, and in some of those cases seem like they don't need to be there, such ass pooping. But it love that there is attention to the detail that is often overlooked. I plan to jump back into trying this game more as it seems to have been updated fairly regularly. I have played it and quite enjoyed being alone, but i imagine with the right player base it can be much more enjoyable. I am hoping it keeps getting support and moved out of early access in the future once complete. I would say give it a chance until evidence proves that the game or the developers are no longer supporting/updating the game.
  11. This was a great game at the start, but it turned into a situation where you hit a wall. Once you have done enough it is virtually endless time between any more progress if any. furthermore it seems that the game developers have abandoned it outright, no more update and virtually no support, if any at all. I believe i got this as a means of replacing "just survive" as i felt that game still needed work to be more complete and enjoyable. Sadly the game was once great just is a shell of what it once was.
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