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mixed bag. this game has truly excellent atmosphere, outstanding ambient sounds and music (especially in the sections set in St. Cecilia's Abbey), but really weak writing and characters, the lead being the worst offender (to call him a cardboard cutout would be too much of a compliment). the whole game is centered around randomized/unpredictable jump scares and instant death traps. there are also puzzles, and it's actually the first time I enjoyed puzzles in a game, so I that's an definite achievement. there are ways to deal with some of the dangers if you're careful, but sometimes the game kills you in a way that seems impossible to avoid. for example: it makes you look for a hiding spot in a room where there's none, but if you touch any of the doors you die instantly. this happened ~5 times during my playthrough. mechanically, this game is like NightCry (a spiritual successor to Clock Tower series), which means Resident Evil without combat.

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