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  1. this game is unfinished, according to Steam reviews.
  2. I played this for a little bit, and in my opinion this game is awful. awful graphics, awful voice acting, awful direction in general. everything seems cheap and low-budget. the cinematic teaser made it out to be much more grandiose and "AAA" than it really was. to put this into perspective, this Call of Cthulhu doesn't even come close to the atmosphere and tension that was in the game of the same name made in 2006 (!).
  3. "an annoying grind that's playable" would be a perfect description for this. I don't think I've ever finished another game that bored and annoyed me to this extent. at no point does this product ever rise above mediocrity, but it successfully manages to fool the player into thinking that something better is coming. ouch, this combat is awful, but it'll probably get better if I get better gear and familiarize myself with the mechanics. ouch, these dialogs and fetch quests are awful, but maybe the story will get interesting later. well guess what, the proverbial dragons never came, and your enjoyment will hover around the "meh" until the very end. I sincerely wish for these devs to never work on another project again, because they clearly learned nothing from their past mistakes (in case you don't know, it's the same studio that brought us such "masterpieces" as Bound By Flame, Mars: War Logs, and The Technomancer).
  4. speaking of Slavjank — how much of this game was actually made by Deck13, and how much of it was made by CI Games? because the former is a German studio that went on to make The Surge, and the latter is a Polish studio currently developing Lords of the Fallen 2.
  5. didn't play this, but Necromunda: Hired Gun was pretty good.
  6. I played this when it came out, and wasn't impressed at all. like MadmanEpic said, it's not exploration, but team deathmatch.
  7. played this years ago. kinda cool, but also gets tedious as you go further.
  8. turn-based combat, therefore hard pass for Ross. hard pass for everyone else, because — allegedly — you have to read wiki guides before you even stand a chance in this game.
  9. that is one ugly-looking screenshot.
  10. I think I actually tried playing this a long time ago. didn't like it.
  11. ah, the "not S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2". at this point I'd rather just wait for the real thing.
  12. it's been released about a year ago. excellent, one of the best experiences of the year. hard as nails, as any Souls-like should be, so Ross should probably stay away.
  13. the game is in early access right now. I played it a while back, it's pretty good.
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