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  1. the meat of the game is its melee combat. so, 2D Action.
  2. so? other games of this genre don't have this restriction.
  3. addictive as hell! couldn't get enough of this game. thank god there's an arena mode.
  4. excellent 2D Souls-like. even though Ross classified it as a platformer, that's not really what this game is about (platforming is the least interesting part). combat, atmosphere, story — that's the main course.
  5. this game would've worked much better if it was a linear story-driven shooter/brawler.
  6. this game has no mouse support. wait, I think that didn't came out right. what I meant to say is that THIS PC GAME FROM 2017 HAS NO MOUSE SUPPORT. to put this into perspective: even the original, legendarily horrible Dark Souls port had basic mouse support (it felt awful to use, but it was functional enough for me to beat the game). no such luxury here — because having support for the primary input device of this platform is a luxury, apparently.
  7. The Surge successfully copies the Souls formula, and this time with a personality of its own! it's a huge improvement over this developer's previous game, Lords of the Fallen (which, I should point out, is still a decent game in it's own right). Pros: - intense tactical & reactive combat. - fantastic hub-based level design with clever shortcuts, reminiscent of the original Dark Souls. - interesting story, setting, and sci-fi concepts. - dismemberment of enemies as a looting mechanic. - soul-crushing difficulty really makes you feel like you achieve something when you overcome it. - great visual style. - good graphics, solid performance. Cons: - some weapons and attacks are significantly more useful than others. - late-game enemies are so powerful that you have to fill most of the implant slots with health boosts, otherwise the game gets frustrating. - bland characters, especially the protagonist. - the game does a poor job of explaining how to defeat certain difficult enemies. - the ending is not particularly satisfying, considering the absolute hell we have to go through to get there. overall, The Surge is a great game as long as you can get over some of its quirks and don't have wrong expectations. I absolutely recommend it, unless you are a 'casual' gamer that doesn't like to be challenged.
  8. the original got boring after about 10 minutes.
  9. puzzles in this game are beyond obtuse.
  10. apart from its atmosphere and artstyle, this game doesn't have much to offer.
  11. great atmosphere and interesting story, but the trippy sequences were tedious.
  12. a true MASTERPIECE of its genre. says everything it needs to say without uttering a single word. powerful atmosphere & story. delivered some of the best gaming experiences of my life.
  13. one of the best of its kind. really drives home the point of "psychological horror". psychosis & nightmares, what else could you possibly want?
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