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Well, the only thing I have tried in the Hitman series was a demo for Contracts. And it honestly was a bit Trial-and-Error heavy as far as I am concerned. I haven't really run into that problem with The Slater so far. And that's even though one cannot save during a mission.


The Slater is indeed pretty simple, but I am currently enjoying how aesthetically appealing it is and how it has pretty good atmosphere. Mainly one can choke out people or shoot them with the silenced pistol. To get where the player needs to go to eliminate the targets and such, one needs disguises and there is also a good bit of exploration to  get access to certain areas and so forth.


Some issues I have noticed are with how weak many of the animations are and how often comments from guards and such repeat. Voice-acting seems ok for the most part, but the story writing is pretty silly.

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