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  1. Bluephilosopher

    Mars: War Logs

    This game legitimately gave me headaches from playing as you look at the faded and warped colors of the world. Hope you like red and sandy yellow. It has some interesting mechanics and side characters, but the limited enemy types and "your princess is in another castle" quests makes the game drag on. Clearly they tried to pad the game out.
  2. Bluephilosopher

    Magrunner: Dark Pulse

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Portal and H.P. Lovecraft?
  3. Bluephilosopher

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

    This game has some really creative enemies, clever takes on the source material and some clever bits of banter. However it skirts the line between being a satire of the original source material and trying to be its own sort of serious story. The final boss fight is the best example of this as you get this James bond sort of banter, however you have been trying to save the city from horrifying creatures so it has conflicting moods.
  4. Bluephilosopher

    Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    This game isn't bad. However you can finish it in less than an hour. I would have to say the worst part is the plot twist that sort of defeats the entire point of both the story and game.
  5. Bluephilosopher

    The Last Door

    This game series will send chills down your spine. The story is very well scripted and has a plot that really draws you in.
  6. Bluephilosopher

    Riptide GP: Renegade

    This game makes me want more water racing games. The levels are amazing. One takes place in a war zone where bomb shells make waves, another one has you jumping across ships in the air to the different race parts. Truly an imaginative team made all the different tracks.
  7. Bluephilosopher


    I played this game and am still on the wall. It's at best a one time game. No replay value.
  8. Bluephilosopher

    Inner Chains

    If I had to describe this game, it would be "Graphics do not a game make." The game starts out in English but once you are past the cutscene everyone talks in a deep burp like gibberish if they say anything at all. Daikatana has a better plot, weapon selection and combat. Let that sink in.
  9. Bluephilosopher


    The art style in this game is wonderful. The randomized aspect makes it unpredictable and adds consequences for dying. Solid 7/10.
  10. Bluephilosopher


    This game is a Husk of a game ironically. The game is as close to a horror walking simulator as you can get. There is minimal combat so your mostly just walking constantly in empty settings which just makes the game drag on. All the dialogue is either blatant exposition or characters just talking about things to fill the void. The story telling is heavy handed and by the end your just wishing it was over. Possibly the most boring horrors I have ever had the misfortune of finding. It's like a watered down drink, so bland it barely tastes of anything but disappointment.
  11. Bluephilosopher


    It is a well crafted game, but its minimal horror makes me wonder if this is more of an exploration game.
  12. Bluephilosopher

    The Slater

    The K-mart version of the Hitman game.
  13. Bluephilosopher

    Tesla vs Lovecraft

    One of the few Teslapunk games and its amazing. What is more fun than fighting off familiar horrors with weapons of reckless energy discharge? Even if you beat the game once, the story changes with each difficulty giving you more reason to try harder. You will need to carefully pick your upgrades if your going to progress. It is like 'Solomon's Keep' but more streamlined.
  14. Bluephilosopher

    Golem Gates

    Describing this is a real challenge but "Battleforge" is a good start. As you play you get random tech, buildings or units cards that cost energy. They are shuffled like cards so the RNG can really screw you over sometimes. But it motivates you to change up strategy or play all the different side games to earn better cards or more cards to use for a custom deck. The story is also very well done and the art direction is anything but stale. Very Cyberpunk feel to the game. And it has one of my favorite things in a game, a model viewer for all the various units.
  15. Bluephilosopher

    We Happy Few

    I got this early on but it was a real drain. It's all the fun of balancing the different meters from a sims game, while trying to explore or progress the story. You can only do one, and it gets really old fast having to take a break to go raid supplies when you would rather discover more about this world you are in. Have not played the newer version but the glitches and bugs were unacceptable for a game at its price. I regretted this game 2 days after I bought it. Some may like this multitasking challenge of, sneaking, scavenging supplies, weapons and figuring out where and what to do for quests but I would honestly rather go to work instead of playing this again.

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